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8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Titan, Titan is a mysterious creature. Over time, many things were revealed. Starting from the origin and history. In addition, there is also a human who can become a titan. Usually, the master is a certain person. Interestingly in the transformation into a titan epic. The transformation is required by the presence of yellow lightning strikes. So we can be sure that there are people who transform.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Eren's first transformation


In the first transformation, Eren is quite interesting. Why is that, because at that time Eren did not know that he was the ninth Titan Shifter. Which transformation occurred when he was eaten by one of the Titans who tried to eat Armin. At that time Armin and Mikasa thought that Eren was dead.


But he didn't expect it, because suddenly Eren came with a state that he had become a Titan. Even though at the beginning Eren couldn't control it. But thanks to the determination he had he was able to control the titan. Thanks to his transformations, he managed to save his remaining friends on the mission.


Now, this moment is very historic, because the people behind the wall just found out that humans can become Titans. This is also where Eren realized that his father had injected him with something in the past. And it turns out that the serum is now a Titan transforming serum.


8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Eren's last transformation.


In Eren's last transformation, it was also quite surprising. Because this transformation is a little dramatic because suddenly Gabi shoots him in the head until it cuts off. Gabi's reason is clear, namely to avenge her. Even though his head has been severed, Eren can still bear fruit. Moreover, at the right time, before Eren died, Zeke held his head. And with that, Eren was suddenly transported to the subconscious world known as the world of paths. The world is not limited by space and time.


Long story short with this, Eren can transform in his titan form. However, in this transformation, Eren already has a Founding titan. So the shape at the time of transformation is different from usual. Because all that could be seen were the bones and head of Eren. At this moment, Eren's transformation is truly historic. Because for the first time there is a very large Titan.  


Once transformed into a Titan, Eren intends to use Rumbling to destroy humanity on the other side of the island. In addition, the ability this time is also much different from before. Because he can resurrect the previous Titan Shifters. Where he raised this so that his enemies could not attack his vital parts. 


Rumors in the latest chapter say that Mikasa has ended it all. This is where Mikasa beheads Eren to stop him. However, this is only temporary information, because other parts have not been clarified. But for sure this moment will be very sad. 

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Annie's Transformation

Anie's best chance was when she was surrounded by the scouts. Before, the reconnaissance team with Armin had planned this. Here Armin's plan is quite epic because he plans to make Anie enter the tunnel. But the plan failed because Annie was not as stupid as she thought. Instead, he turned into a Titan and was immediately killed while looking for Eren.


At these moments it was stressful because on Annie's side she also felt cornered. Considering not only a few squads that surrounded him, but all the reconnaissance troops had prepared to be able to capture him. In the end, he had to fight with Eren. But even though he could make Eren cornered. The reconnaissance squad could make him weak. Even when he tried to run away he couldn't do anything. Because Mikasa is always ready to chop it up. As a result, with all that, Annie, who did not want her secret to be leaked, crystallized herself. With this, the sacrifices of the scout troops were in vain.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan


Titan's Colossal Transformation


The Colossal Titan's transformation was quite surprising to the humans inside the walls. Because within 100 years there has been no titan who can destroy the wall. But what power Colossal titan Yang has a large body and body that allows it to break through. The transformation from Colossal Titan is the best chance. Because this is also what makes the anime Attack on Titan famous. Even the mascot for this anime is much more popular than Attack on Titan itself. Because since its appearance at the beginning of the Colossal titan has been a memory for all.


The first appearance of the Colossal Titan marks, that Marley has declared war on the island paradise. But here Paradis Island still doesn't know that there are humans outside the walls. In that case, Bertolt and Reiner easily slipped there.


Well, the second is a transformation from Titan Armin. Moment Moment This is also the best. Why is that, because in the Marley invasion the role of Armin is quite large. Namely, he must destroy the Marley military forces. With that, Marley has finally lost half his army fleet. This transformation is also the first transformation. Because before that he was just practicing. But this time the transformation has killed Marley's military and innocent people.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Transformations from Reiner and Bertolt.


This moment happened in season 2. Where Reiner and Bertolt have little time trying to take Eren away. However, it did not go according to plan. Because it turns out that the reconnaissance squad with Eren had anticipated this. Even this plan is only for special people. Considering They still don't believe that Reiner and Bertolt are real enemies.


Long story short, at this moment there was another big fight. In which Reiner, Bertolt, and Eren transform into their Titan forms. And now looks like the battle of the Titans. Unfortunately, Reiner and Bertolt managed to take Eren away. Even Ymir was brought in. Because Reiner wants Ymir to be responsible for what was done to his friend first.


The second battle was when the reconnaissance squad intended to bring Eren back. Well in the big battle it caused a lot of casualties for the reconnaissance troops. Because they also have to deal with a lot of abnormal Titans. Even so, the reconnaissance squad managed to bring Eren back. There are also many things revealed, that Eren is the person that Reiner and Bertolt are looking for. Because Eren is a Founding Titan user.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Transformations from Eren Kruger


Eren Kruger's transformation occurred when he tried to help Grisha while being executed by the Marley government. Kruger saves Grisha because he believes that one day Grisha can bring the Eldia to true freedom. Although moments from Kruger are very few. But many things left an imprint on this short moment. First is the revelation that Titan's attack power is reading memories in the future. Second is the time limit of titan and what is Titan Shifter.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Titan Grisha Yeager's Transformation


The moment of transformation from Grisha is seen when he tries to take the Founding Titan from the royal lineage. In the beginning, Grisha explained his true purpose to them. But what power Frieda Reiss did not want to give it well either? As a result, Grisha was confused. But suddenly the memory of the future Eren asked him to take the power by force. As a result, Grisha took and killed all the royal descendants there. Later he will bequeath to Eren.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan

Titan ymir Transformation


The transformation of the Titan Ymir is seen when he and his army are cornered in the Utgard castle. At that time they all looked confused. Because it was calm and relaxed at first, things suddenly became noisy. Because suddenly many abnormal Titans attack the palace. Whereas Titan should not want to move at night. Turns out it was Zeke's doing. Zeke can command the Titans, as long as the titan is Titan-made. Interestingly, the artificial Titan from Zeke can move at night. Knowing this, Ymir who did not want history to die in this place, finally revealed his true identity. That he is the ninth Titan Shifter, Namely the Jaw Titan. 


After that, he tried to kill all the Titans that were there. And as seen he could kill some. But because of the many Titans that came, he overwhelmed him and almost died. But luckily Mikasa's herd came to help him. And with the revelation of Ymir as one of the Titans, the mystery begins to unfold. On Reiner and Bertolt's side, They finally realize that Ymir is the Titan who ate Marcel long ago.

8 best titan transformations in the anime attack on titan


Titan rod Reiss transformations.


This moment is seen in the third season. At that time Rod Reiss wanted to use historia to become the next Founding titan user. He asked historia to eat Eren. Because Eren is currently a Founding titan user. However, Eren can not use it, because he does not have royal blood. Well, the purpose of Rod Reiss is so that the power of the founding titan is not used by outsiders. For fear that power can be used for evil.


In the third season, Rod Reiss appears to be a bad person. It can be seen from several statements and rumors circulating. Of course, if you think about it, he was a good person. Why is that, If that power is used to eradicate all the titans outside the walls? So this island has no protection at all. Because in fact, the wild titans beyond the walls are the real Protectors. And if the wild titans are destroyed, then it is certain that outsiders can enter easily.


The momentum of transformation from Rod Reiss is also quite surprising. Because the Titan itself has a large size and height. It can exceed the Colossal Titan. However, it seems that Rod Reiss's transformation is not perfect because he can not walk. As a result, he walked on all fours and made his face shattered. However, Rod Reis was stopped by the oh scout troop. Because it seems that Rod Reiss intends to eat all the humans within the walls. So it can be seen that Titan Rod Reiss is an unreasonable Titan because he only has an appetite for food.


Well, maybe that's the best moment of the titan transformation in the anime. So where is it? Which of the characters above has the coolest transformations? 

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