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Anime Buble 2022 Part 1

  Anime Buble 2022 Part 1

(love story between humans and a mermaid)

Different from usual we try to review an anime film that is quite interesting, to be precise the film titled Bubble which was released in 2022. So why do we think so, because after watching it we were amazed. Remembering the story, the story will take a drama about the love between humans and Mermaids. In addition, what makes this film interesting is the story conflict that is neatly wrapped up without a missing story. So as not to make you curious, we can read the summary of the story. 

Anime Buble 2022 Part 1

The beginning of the film is set from several teenagers who are playing in an insecure zone. More precisely, the safe zone in question is the city of Tokyo which looks messy. This is due to an incident 5 years ago that made this friendly city destroyed formless. When time passed, many teenagers came to this place and made it a playground. But not only that , many teenagers also stay here because of the 5 - year incident. The average teenager who lives here is a victim of a disaster that makes them lose their parents.


And one way they survive in this city is by playing a game called Battlekour. Where this game is played with at least 5 people, the core of this game is quite simple, namely the players must work together to take the enemy's flag. You could say in this game the ability of speed and balance is number 1. Although this game is quite simple, it is very dangerous, because when they fall in a whirlpool their lives will be threatened. The difference is not only a whirlpool, but there is one thing that is more dangerous than that. That is, there is a vortex similar to a black hole, where if absorbed by the vortex they will be sucked into an unknown dimension. More precisely, if entangled in the waves, the player will lose his life. 


But does this scare the players, the answer is no. Because if they do not play the game then they will starve to death. The winner will get a bet from the enemy which is usually presented from raw materials or food.

Anime Buble 2022 Part 1


We turn from a group that is quite famous in this area, this group is called BB and is chaired by someone named Kai and has four other members. The group is known to be great and has great members. One of them is a famous named hibiki, it is said that he is the only person who is the fastest, great and smart. Well, what stands out the most is that he is the only person who can jump above bubbles.

The story continues when there is a match between group Bb and one of the challenger groups from the next area. The match this time was quite fair, because the host side had more control over the field than Group Bb. But the fact is not even though they managed to take down two members from Bb, their group did not give up. Moreover, the situation turned around when the Maestro, namely hibiki, appeared and immediately took the flag to end this game. The victory made Bb even more famous in the Battlekour scene.


Here it is revealed that all Bb members including Kai really hate Hibiki's attitude. That 's because Hibiki is very selfish and too arrogant to not want to train with them. After this they divided the results of the bets they won. On the other hand, it turns out that they can be experts like that, they are not talented, but there is someone who trains them. None other than that person is one of the legends of batllekour named Shin. Not only that, there is one more person who always supports this group. She is a woman from the research department named Makoto. Makoto is here because he got an assignment from his superiors to research what happened to the incident 5 years ago.


The plot continued before the city of tokyo became like this. 5 years ago before the big explosion occurred, a lot of bubbles fell to the earth. The early beginning of this phenomenon is considered a wonder of the world, considering this has never happened. But after such a week the bubbles grew more and more and centered on the city of Tokyo. What can be seen now is the city of tokyo looks layered by big bubbles. A month later because of the many bubbles the city of Tokyo was filled with water due to the many bubbles that burst.


Anime Buble 2022 Part 1

Finally after a few days later an unexpected event occurred, where right in the tokyo tower there was an explosion caused by a red bubble. Where the explosion was really big and damaged the whole city of Tokyo into that, As a result, many teenagers lost their parents, one of them was Hibiki and the other. So that's a brief story of why this city became like that, for now it has not been explained the origin and origin of the bubble.


We turn to the direction of hibiki who is brooding on the roof of the headquarters. when the contemplation was suddenly he heard a song from the direction of the tower, This he did not once but many times. Even before this incident he also heard the singing voice. Curious about that he headed there to confirm what he had heard all this time.


Unfortunately, when he was almost on the roof of the tower, undirected gravity made him slam into all places which ended up sinking because he fell. Not far from there there is a bubble that can talk, as if the bubble is chasing and wants to save him. It turns out that it is not an imagination, because the bubble can change shape into a beautiful girl and save her.

The moment after that the girl immediately woke him up, but when he touched it his hand became bubbles. Actually who is this girl and why she can be like this. When hibiki realized he was very surprised by this, and for his gratitude he took him to the headquarters.


After returning to the headquarters, everyone was confused and asked Hibiki who the girl was. hibiki replied that the girl had saved herself when she drowned in the tower. On the other hand, the girl feels foreign to this place, her foreign skin makes the humans noise with her cute behavior. However something strange happened, when Makoto touched it there was no effect at all. Even though They saw what happened earlier, the girl should have bubbled her hands.

Anime Buble 2022 Part 1

The next morning, the girl threw a tantrum by breaking all the eggs in the chicken coop. He did it because he was happy because it wasn't just the bubbles that burst but this thing too. Makoto who saw it was adorable. As a result, because of that action, the wound that was solved was used as food. Remembering if thrown away it will be a waste. While eating the meal, Makoto asked Hibiki to name him, Hibiki answered and gave him the name Uta. He got this name because when he was with him he heard a song that he had been looking for.

In the afternoon there was a match between the black Grum and the yellow group. Before we continue, let's first clarify that this black group is on the rise, considering that now the group has won several times in a landslide. Actually, how great they are. They can be invincible because of a tool that helps them to move. I don't know where they get the tool which is definitely a very expensive tool. It turned out that their goal was to earn money from the event, considering that when the game was going on they recorded and spread it around the world. This means they play to earn money, unlike others playing this game to get raw materials in the form of food.


Back to the story with props like that,Then The black group won this game easily. Next they intend to challenge Group bb, considering that group is known as the strongest group in this area. We end the first part here, because the journey from Uta is still long.

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