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Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

 Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

(Mad doctor makes humanoids, Then a great disaster occurs in the world)

The beginning of the story shows a girl who is freed from the restraints of a research lab. Interestingly here the girl has a mysterious power that can kill someone from a distance of 2 meters. The head of the research named Kurama, who knew this, asked the police to kill the girl. Unfortunately, the Girl was too Strong and slaughtered all but Kurama. Worse yet. Suddenly the way out opened itself. With that thing, he can get out of this place. Unfortunately before escaping his head was shot by a sniper and fell into the sea. 

Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

Sin changes to a young man who recently moved to this city, his name is Kouta. At the same time, he met his cousin, Yuka, on one of the beaches. They also unwittingly met the previous killer-horned girl. Strangely now his behavior is the opposite, that is, like a child. Kouta and Yuka who were confused by such a situation took him to the inn because he would stay there for a while. I felt the attitude of the girl who always said Yu. They also named her that so that it was easy to call her. 


That night when Kouta took out the contents of his bag, he remembered one thing about the shells he had. It turns out that his younger sister, Kanae, died for a reason. Then suddenly Yu broke the scallop, saying he didn't want Kouta to be sad. However, the Angry Kouta Power immediately threw him out of here. 


Story Back Again in the Research Lab. It was then revealed that the previous girl was Lusi. And now Kurama asks a special division called Bando to kill him. Well, this band is very brutal and doesn't like being disturbed. Therefore he is very fitting for the task this time. 

Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

Sometime after that Kouta's house was visited by a policeman. They're here to ask about the girl in the photo, who is none other than Yu. But here he didn't tell him and went straight to look for Yu. In short, he met her On the beach. But there is another problem, namely Bando, who knows the target, immediately drags him to a place, while also beating Quota until he faints. Fortunately, Yuka, who had just arrived, saved him right away.


Then the cornered Yu shows his true brutal nature. With a quick time interval, he can make the hand of the headband destroyed. It turns out that his strength is 2 invisible hands that can reach 2 meters nearby. Therefore he can kill easily. Before killing that person suddenly his good personality came back again. With that Yu returned home from Kouta. 


Short Story of Quota Yang was surprised by the presence of Yu who was already at home. The good news is that Yu wasn't seriously injured. Because Yuka is not here so the one who will take care of Yu today is him. But surprisingly suddenly Yuka returned. His return reaped sadness because Kouta was acting strange, even though he was only changing clothes. So it seems that Yuka likes him. However, Kouta was insensitive to it. It turns out that Yuka can like him because when he was a child, Kouta promised to be by his side forever. But now it's just a memory because Kouta doesn't remember anything after the tragedy that happened to him.


A research lab revealed a new character again who has horns, she is named Nana. It is known he is a species like Yu, namely Diclonius or commonly known as a mutant. It is said that they are born with a power called the vector or invisible hand. Here Nana is a Trial in this research which is directly Tested by Kurama. That's why Nana always calls Kurama Daddy. Well, the goal of releasing Nana is to kill Lusi. The reason is Lusi is the most dangerous mutant, even called the queen. Of course, As a child, Nana would do it, but he would not kill her because she doesn't like killing people.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

The next day Kouta explained why he could forget like this to Yuka, that his parents had died and his sister Kanae had a deadly disease. Upon hearing this explanation, Yuka was quite sad, because she did not know that Kouta had experienced such a sad event. Then there was a child who returned the umbrella from Yu that was left on the beach, her name was Mayu. 


In an inappropriate situation as well as Yu Yang hearing the music box chant, Lusi's ruthless personality appeared and walked away. It turned out that he came out because there was something approaching him, namely Nana. It is said that mutants can sense the presence of Eve from fellow Species. Actually, Nana intends to take it well, but after seeing that Lusi is very cruel, she ends up using violence. In the fight, it appears that Nana is a good person because when there are residents, she immediately ignores her attacks. On the other hand, Lusi uses it to slash her legs and arms. Luckily Nana hasn't died with the help of Team Kurama. As seen with the arrival of Kurama Lusi immediately left. 


In the evening Kuota got news from the hospital to pick up Mayu. Feeling something strange, Kouta took him to his house, remembering that something was hidden before, especially before that Mayu was a witness on the beach before. 


Continuing from Kurama who got very bad news, where the highest leader in the Lab, Kazu asked him to kill Nana. The reason is That Yesterday's Task failed Totally. Knowing it Kurama can only obey, considering that he used to have a debt to the Chairman. Then he had an idea that was at great risk in his work. Namely, he will free Nana to live. Kurama did that because he already considered Nana to be his own son.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

The next day, while shopping, Kouta and Yuka find information that is quite sad, that Mayu is a street child and it is proven from the shop there. On the beach Mayu lamented her sadness in the past, namely, she could run away from home because her stepfather always abused her. It's sad that his mother blames him. Therefore He ran away from home. In his solitude, he is only friends with outcast dogs. 


But now he is alone again because the one who has the dog asks him to come back. Long story short Kouta and Yuka managed to find him on the beach. At that moment he felt sad and happy because there was someone who considered him as family. It was felt that there was nothing to hide anymore. Mayu also explained the truth. Kouta and yuka who knew it immediately adopted her, that way the suffering would end.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 1

Once upon a time when Yuka and Kouta went to campus, they found a sad thing. Professor named Kawa is from the Yu Family. So it was with a heavy heart that Kouta had to leave him. 


Unexpectedly Kawa is also the son of Kazu, which means he is related to the Lab. Worse yet, Kawa will use Lusi to make more Diclonius. In this way, the human race will end. However, his plan failed because the soul of Lusi was awakened. It was also there that it was revealed that Kawa was Diclonius. But it did not interest Lusi, In fact, he killed her in an instant. 


We have finished the discussion here, the next one will be very interesting, because the story will be more exciting and tense again. So if you are curious, wait for the next update.

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