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Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

 Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

(Mad doctor accidentaly made a humanoid, then made a big disaster to the world)

Continued from Kouta who was still worried about the strangeness of the Professor. Then he went there to prove it. Arriving there he met a woman named Arakawa. He said that Kawa is underground. After that, the brand saw something surprising, namely that Kawa had been killed. And for sure Yu wasn't there. On the other hand, Kazu received a report that his son had died. Allegedly it was Lusi's doing. For that, he asked Kurama to keep capturing and killing Diclonius, because they are very threatening to the Human Race.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2


Sometime later Kouta and Yuka are still looking for Yu's whereabouts. But apparently, they did not find it and rested in the old temple on the edge of the forest. When it's not right for Yuka to express her hidden feelings, so does Quota. After it passed Yu or Lusi was suddenly behind him. He said that his memory has returned, which means now is farewell. Knowing this Quota was confused. Confused again Yu's nature came back again and fainted. 


Switch from the Released Nana in the Beach area In the. The goal is definitely for him to live in peace. But fate said otherwise because he got a problem with bando. As a result, a fierce battle ensued. In short, the winner is Nana. But Nana is not like before, considering her body parts have been replaced with tools. Well, there he did not kill Bando, because they have the same goal.


After that, he went to the city to look for food. But He doesn't know how to buy it. Long story short, he met a good person, Mayu. There he also asked her to be his friend. The reason he had no friends since childhood. As Mayu knows he accepts it because he has horns like Yu. Hearing that Nana was quite surprised because she didn't detect his presence.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

Sure enough, when he saw Yu there he immediately attacked mercilessly. Now it made Kuota angry why he did that. Nana replied that Lusi is a killer. But he was also surprised why Lusi became like this. Feeling blamed Nana calms herself down somewhere with Mayu. At that sadness, Nana explained her purpose and identity. At first, Mayu didn't believe it, but after seeing it in person, she immediately fell silent. 


The story goes back to the Research Lab. Namely Arakawa ordered by Shirakawa's assistant from Kurama to bring the head of Kawa. The reason is that this research is not known to anyone, which means that outsiders who know must be killed. But here he will guarantee his life if he wants to continue research from Kawa. Like it or not, Arakawa did it. Otherwise, he would die here. 


Furthermore, it was revealed why Lusi could become like this, namely that she used to live in an orphanage with several children. In that class, he was always ridiculed and discriminated against because of his horns boys. Even worse, his closest friend betrayed him. Somehow. With his anger, he killed all the children with his strength. Starting from there he hates humans.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

One day he found someone who was different from the others, namely he was a quota. Why is the Quota so fond of the horns? At first, Lusi was annoyed with him, but only Kuota accepted him. Then after several meetings, They became close, Even so, in there was still anxiety because he was a murderer. However, after being with Kouta all this time, it became Alive. Until one day Kouta said that he would be away from this city for a few years. 


For that, he will be with her one day. Of course, it made Lusi unbelievably happy because she could see the world with people who could accept it. But from that angle, he was also sad because this was their last meeting. Luckily tomorrow there is a festival day. So that day was the last day they met. So there Lusi asked who she was going with tomorrow, Kouta answered that he was going with his brother, even though he was going with Yuka.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

Long story short when Festival Day started, Kouta had fun with his sister and Yuka. From a distance, Lusi who saw it felt betrayed again. And somehow in his mind, there is One who says to kill and kill. So from there, his cruel nature emerged and killed all humans in front of him. 


Back to the story When Nana talks with Mayu she feels the evil Eve from Lusi. It didn't take long for them to go home again. However, Lusi, who wanted to kill him, was unconscious after being stopped by Mayu. In order not to cause further trouble, Mayu asked for a quota so that Nana could stay here for a while. As Nana shyly agreed, she even apologized for her previous treatment. 


Next is revealed the past of Kurama. Which turned out to be a friend of Kawa's. Even so familiar Kawa told his research about Diclonius. Why is it that Kurama doesn't want the human race to end? But after knowing what Kawa did he felt sorry for knowing it. Because the research is inhumane. So the first project that Kurama did was Nana. One day Kazu asked the two of them to kill a newborn child who had horns. The reason is in 3 years later his true nature appeared. 


It's also unexpected that Kurama's wife is also pregnant with such a baby. Then with a heavy heart, he immediately killed his own son. The bad news is that his wife, who knew about it, immediately died due to overexerting herself when she had just given birth. But with the sacrifice, they get information about the power of Diclonius. Here also revealed the debt of Kurama to the chairman, namely, he begged so that his son could live, his son was named with Code 35. Therefore now he always obeys him.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

Continuing from Research Yang will use his strongest Diclonius, which is 35. It is known that it has many vectors and a range of 11 meters. So he is a perfect enemy for Lusi. Surprisingly after being expelled he immediately slaughtered the workers there. Fortunately, Shirakawa's men managed to stop him with an explosive bomb that had been implanted since birth.


After the incident ended, the leader still used 35 to kill Warsi. But here they will limit 35 with explosives. This 35 will be according to. Switch to the residence from Kuota. While together with Mayu, Nana felt a big air from Diclonius, which means 35 has arrived at this place. Then he asked Mayu to stay here looking after the others. Meanwhile, He will Detain the enemy. Knowing the news Kouta and Yu rushed over there.


Meanwhile, Nana Yang has come to ask them all including 35 to stop. However, the 35 who were cruel, attacked him in a row. So it can be seen that the strength of 35 is very strong even in the form of a child. Shortly after that, Kouta finally came to help him. However, 35 still attacks Nana until she falls off the bridge. Things got worse when Yu came. Instantly the arrival of Lusi made all surprised. But now is the right time to kill him.


It was at that time that Kouta realized that Lusi was a child 8 years ago and who killed her parents. Knowing this, Kouta wasn't angry at all, instead, he asked who he was and why he did all that. However, before explaining everything, there is one more problem, namely Bando, who is in alliance with Kurama and intends to kill him. Unfortunately, the bando could not move in front of him at all. Meanwhile, Nana was saved by Kurama below.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

The short story again when 35 Treated. It's said that after fighting Lusi before she couldn't use her vector. There he also just found out that he is the son of Kurama. Hearing the truth, 35 takes out the vector again and will fight again.


At some point finally, the Battle of Lusi and 35 happened. At first, it seems that Lusi is superior in speed and attack. But in the end, 35 managed to defeat him in just a few attacks. But the fight stopped there. Top came from Kurama and Nana. 35 Even those who saw his father felt very happy and sad, remembering that this was the first time they could see him. 


But what made him angry this time was Nana, because he called his father. Therefore he immediately beat him. Feeling guilty, Kurama hugged his son directly. It turns out that his real name is Mariko. There he also apologized profusely to Mariko for not being able to be a good father. Therefore, he is the one to blame. And to avenge that mistake, he will die with her. Before the end of his death, Kurmama told Mariko that his mother loved him from birth like that.

Anime Elfen Lied Part 2

Meanwhile, Lusi asked Nana to stay with Kouta. Meanwhile, he will solve this problem. Before leaving Lusi took the time to meet with Kouta. At that time Lusi explained that he was born to kill humans. But when I met him at that time the day became very beautiful. Thanks to that he was able to live to this day. So For Now he will go to solve all this, Considering this is the Problem.


After revealing everything Warp surrenders himself to the Army. With all this, his tragic life has finally come to an end. The film is the end of Kouta and the others returning to normal. In that life, they still remember the five of them together and living happily.


Maybe the story of the anime stops there, although there are still a lot of plot holes that have not been revealed. One thing that is interesting in the last minute of the last ep there is someone who comes to the House from Kouta. I do not know who the person is also not known, considering there has been no continuation until now. In terms of the story, it can be said that it is quite light. However, the elements of the story are quite good.

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