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Anime Freezing season 1

Anime Freezing season 1 

(This transfer student is belittled, in fact this girl has an overpowering hidden power)


This time we will discuss the Old anime again. The anime we are discussing is Freezing. This anime is definitely from the Manga of the same name. The plot of this anime tells of a transfer student who turns out to have surprising abilities. Where he will go to school and has superpowers.

Anime Freezing season 1


The story begins with a yellow-haired girl who kills 3 enemies at once. It is said that no one can touch it. Because of her strength, she was nicknamed the untouchable queen. Her Name is Satella El Bridget. Investigate the fight which was a carnival match to determine the rankings.


Before moving on to the story, let's first explain this world. In this world, there is a creature or alien who is attacking the Earth. The creature is known as Nova. It is said that this Nova is a very powerful creature that can almost destroy the world. Therefore the formation of an academy that will overcome it called genetics is divided into 4 parts. Now the Student Power of this academy comes from a power called Stigmata. By instilling Stigma into the body of a student, that person can use the power of volts that can provide physical strength, clothing, and weapons. This means that in this anime the important role to be able to defeat Nova is a woman or can be called Pandora.


Once upon a time, there was a tragedy that was quite famous, precisely in the eighth Nova war. At that time Nova massively attacked the earth. In short, the great battle was stopped at the sacrifice of one of the most powerful female students, Aoi Kazuha.


Sin turns to a man who visited the grave of Kazuha, none other than his sister named Aoi Kazuya. At that time, he was a new student in this academy. On his first day around the school, Kayuza suddenly saw someone who looked like his brother. He immediately hugged him tightly, because he missed him so much. Yet what he was embracing was the untouchable Queen who was fighting a fellow Second class. Surprisingly, Satella is not angry at all, but because of that, he also lost in the Carnival Ranking. So the first rank of class 2 is Ganesha Roland. 

Anime Freezing season 1

After school, Kazuya feels guilty and intends to apologize. But he was stopped by Chiffon as the student council president. Pretending that Satella is a very dangerous girl, and so far no one has defeated her. Surprisingly After Being in this place. 

Knowing this, Kayuza immediately apologized for the trouble he had caused. In such conditions Ganesha who had just arrived immediately humiliated Satella for yesterday's defeat. He also intends to fight again to determine who is stronger, considering the previous victory was not fair. As you know Satella is stronger than him. The proof with one attack can drop it. Feeling belittled, Ganesha enters the strongest mode of Stigmata called Pandora. With that, we can finally turn things around. But things turn around when Satella also enters the Mode. The difference here is that Satella is many times stronger. Luckily in such conditions, the school administrators stopped him, considering the mode was not perfect. What's more, the two of them have broken the rules of this school. As a result of this Satella and Ganesha were suspended for a week.

Short on Kazuya who was heading to his dorm. In the dormitory, he was roomed with a person named Arthur, a fellow First Class. What surprises him here is that Arthur is Ganesha's Limiter. The point here is that Limiter is a Partner in the fight. It is also said that Pandora is required to have a Limiter from her underclassman. The power of Limiter is Neutralizing Freezing or freezing of Nova. But before getting that power, Pandora must baptize the limiter first. With all the requirements having been met then you can use the Ereimber set. Ereimber Set is the power to freeze the movement of the Opponent or nova. This means that with the two units, Pandora will be even stronger.

Next is shown a classmate from Kayuza named Hiragi. Here too he advised him not to get close to Satella. But even so, Kayuza ignored him, Considering Satella was a good person. It just so happened that Satella was in the Kayuza cafeteria trying to apologize. Again Satella was not angry at her touch but also shocked by what she was doing. As a result, he immediately went to the roof to reflect on himself. To his surprise, Kayuza apologized to the roof. What surprised him again, Kayuza asked him to make him his Limiter. Of course, it made Satella surprised, but she also felt that for the first time she did not hate the person who touched her. 

Anime Freezing season 1

Again, there's a class three student getting into trouble with Kayuza. The girl's name is Miyabi. He had come here to eat a Unique Limiter. I don't know what that means. What is certain is that Kayuza is in a dangerous situation. For that Satella immediately fought against him. In the battle, something new is shown, namely there is the power to run fast called Accelerator. The fact is that the curriculum is only in the third grade. But somehow Satella can use it. That marks that she is not an ordinary girl. Even though his abilities are on par with his, his attacks still stop from the strength of the Ereimber set. Because of that Miyabi was torn to shreds and abused. Even Intent on Spreading the image throughout the Academy. A very angry Kayuza brings out his Limiter power in such a state. Even though this power can only be used if it has been baptized by Pandora. Somehow it happened, what is certain is that Satella can turn things around.


Since the incident, the school administrator has been confused. Why did such a strange thing happen to Kayuza. What is certain is that it is related to his sister, Kayuha. The next day there was a student who wanted to harm Satella again, her name was Ingrid. Well, he did that because he was ordered by Attia, a third-grade student. Not only that, as the head of a discipline, Ingrid intends to get rid of the rebels from underclassmen. The reason for him is very good, considering that he lost a valuable person when he was in grade 2 because he had violated the rules. Therefore he intends to resolve this as soon as possible so that there are no more victims. we continue the story in the second part.

After That Ingrid asks Satella to choose her limit, because she wants to fight. Hearing this, Satella was confused, because she didn't have a limiter. Well, Kayuza who knew the news immediately rushed to the room to help him. As expected Satella refused it. After that, he immediately tried to end all this by fighting alone. It seems that it did not match his expectations. Because without a limiter Ingrid is still a strong person. As a result, there was a big fight there which resulted in some of the students in the dorms waking up. Also in that battle, Stella's accel didn't work against him. Namely, the power released is even stronger, namely tempest run. In short, it's easy to make satella battered. On the sidelines, Ingrid allowed him to find a limiter. Knowing this, Kayuza immediately submitted himself. 


Long story short. Again, Kazuya released Freezing easily without being baptized. Of course, it surprised Ingrid and the other students, why is it like that? This made Ingrid even angrier. During the fight, Ganesha told the past that happened to Ingrid who was like that. Hearing this explanation, Kayuza tried to revive him. Considering Ingrid is not a bad person. Sure enough, because of his lecture, Ingrid stopped fighting. Because he had misinterpreted the sacrifice of his friend. 

Anime Freezing season 1

Later on, Satella finally accepted Kayuza as her Limiter. Remembering after a few days with him, Kazuya was very different from other men. And to make it official. To become a Limiter, you must first be baptized. Later. Shortly after Kayuza met a transfer student from this school, the transfer student was named Rana. It is known that he comes from the village, therefore his accent is slightly different from that of the city people. So before the dormitory of Satella, he introduced this school to the former Rana. Only then headed home from satellite. 


Before he could go to his house, he and two of his friends were stopped by 3 third graders. I don't know what their goal is, for sure they hate someone who is the limiter of satella. In the absence of Satella The three of them were battered, Luckily they were saved by Rana. What turns out to be Rana is not an ordinary girl, the strength shown is almost the same as class Three. And it was evident from him that he could beat him easily. Well, why did he save Kazuya? Because he thinks that Kayuza is someone who is destined for him. As a result of that incident, Satella did not baptize Kayuza now, considering that Kayuza was injured quite badly.


The next day Hiragi explained about the past of Satella which is quite popular in Eastern genetics. Rumor has it that Satella once injured her limiter to death. Therefore, in this academy, many students avoid it. Even so, Kayuza still thinks that Satella is a good person. On the other hand, Rana is tricked by Attia to fight with Satella. Because he knows that Rana wants to make Kayuza his Limiter. With these words, Rana also ventured to duel directly with Satella. Of course, Satella was confused, Why is she doing this? Rana replied that he had gone too far because to make him a Limiter he had to baptize him first. So in this fight whoever wins will get Kayuza. The battle began fiercely and tenaciously, it was also seen that the Volt weapon from Rana was quite strange and strong. Apart from that, Rana also managed to match his accel. But the fight came to a halt upon coming from Kazuya.

Anime Freezing season 1

There also Kayuza said that he was the limiter of Satella and nothing else. Well with this explanation finally the competition between them ended. But the problem has not stopped just like that. Attia brought 2 children from third grade to punish her. At first, it was a one-sided battle because the 2 third graders had higher skills. Surprisingly also Satella and Rana can match them with the determination not to give in. Luckily the fight was stopped by the student council president. It was seen that the student council president was also not an ordinary girl, because she easily defeated the third year with one attack.


Next is shown the past of Satella. It turns out that his family is not from this family. It's sad again. His mother is sick and requires a lot of money. So they both live at home. The second wife is none other than the nuclear family. As is known Living in the house, Satella and her mother are exiled. But there is one person who cares for sure the eldest child of the family. While the other child, Lois, has a cruel nature like his mother. Surprisingly, after several years living there, Satella was often harassed. It's sad again even though his mother knows about it, he still asks to hold on a little longer. In short, his mother's illness suddenly recurred. At his last moment, his mother told him to live as he wanted. And one of the most important things is not to lose to others. That way He would not suffer anymore. So as a result of this, Satella, who used to be cheerful, became quite like this. 

Anime Freezing season 1

Short story Pada Kayuza who was brought to the eastern genetics by Sister or can be known as the principal. Sister took him there to introduce someone who has the Stigmata Part of his brother. The student named Cassie Lockhart is none other than the number one student in Class Three. Knowing that fact, Kazuya was very happy. Because the person who has the stigmata of his brother is strong. However, his response was very different. Even though he could occupy this position, he had a dream to become a novelist. This means that soon he will step down from this position. well, let's end the video here first. because the last part will be more interesting.

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