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The story continues again with Hori who is embarrassed after yesterday's incident. At that time Miyamura also knew that it was already awake. But at that time they had not discussed it. And as usual, Miyamura came to Hori's house again. While there he was surprised by Hori's father. Hori's father has an outspoken nature, he even provokes Hori to express his feelings. It embarrassed them both. But with this it makes it clear that they already love each other, As a result, they are finally dating. Elsewhere, Toru, was upset because yesterday was rejected. Suddenly he met someone who comforted him. That person was a student council member named Sakura.


Continues again the collar of Miyamura's back. At that time he was asked something by Hori's father. Where he asks what he likes about Hori. Miyamura replied that he liked Hori's side the way he was. He also likes that he doesn't see anything from appearances.


The next day news of Miyamura and Hori dating spread widely in the school. Considering Hori is a popular person. But some people don't like it. They assumed that Miyamura was not on the same level as Hori. It only made Hori uncomfortable. But on the inside Miyamura was furious. The next day he changed his appearance so that everyone would recognize him. Sure enough, he also changed his appearance to be cooler. It surprised Hori himself because now Miyamura was more than he thought. And with his appearance now people don't bother him anymore, In fact, he looks like he's become popular. And from there the closeness between Hori and Miyamura became closer. Moreover, they are now not hiding from each other.


The story turns to the conflict with Yuki. He looks jealous when Toru is close to Sakura. That made him even more annoyed. But he also can't do anything, because he also thinks that he is not comparable to Toru.


Moving again to Miyamura and Hori. Which is now where they are getting closer. It's even seen that they don't want to be separated from each other. Interestingly the nature of them is the opposite. Where Hori even looks like a man. while Miyamura was like a girl and often apologized.


Once upon a time, the school held an inter-class sports party. Later they will compete for agility in sports. On that occasion there were many interesting things, First starting with Yuki who was very wise to Sakura even though she was a rival for Toru. But he still wants to help her. Meanwhile, Miyamura and Hori have interesting things. Where they are now openly making out in public. On Miyamura's side, it was because there was someone jealous of him. That person used to like Hori. But when Hori rejected him and chose him instead. And on that occasion also Miyamura proved that he was worthy of Hori. And with her courage, she was able to make herself recognized by the man.


After all that Miyamura remembers his past first. In middle school he was alone. But now he is not alone anymore, because now he has friends and people who are precious to him. From there he believed that no man was created alone.


Again, the conflict is directed at Yuki. Where did he get his problems? The problem was that he was asked by someone to be his girlfriend. So here Yuki, who doesn't know that person, doesn't hesitate to reject him. Then he told his friends including Toru. There Miyamura had the idea to pretend to be dating someone. Toru, who knew about it, volunteered himself. On Yuki's side when it was a little awkward, Karna who volunteered was the person he liked. 


All the results of the day the meeting took place. And as planned Yuki was able to survive the trouble. But at that time he was also embarrassed by Toru because Toru said that he was his girlfriend. On that occasion, Sakura who saw the two of them up close was hurt. Sakura then asked Yuki the truth. But Yuki would lie if it was true. But after lying makes him guilty, he asks Ayasaki for advice. But his advice didn't make it any better. 


Switched the collar from Miyamura's back. It was on the way home with Hori, he was surprised by his old friend again. That person's name is Tanihara. Tanihara used to be the one who ostracized Miyamura when he was in middle school. So it seems that Miyamura hates him. The problem with Miyamura being ostracized was that he was considered to have forgotten to feed the rabbits. The perpetrator is a tanihara. Tanihara who remembers that feels guilty. But now he doesn't dare to say what he did wrong.


At School, Toru finds out what happened between Yuki and Sakura. Then he tells Yuki that the person he likes is not Sakura, but him. At first, Yuki thought it was just a joke. But when Toru told the truth he felt embarrassed and happy. And from here they live happily.


In the afternoon again Miyamura was surprised by Tanihara who met him and at that time he apologized to Miyamura. But at that time Miyamura was not angry, Because humans are like that. And now he feels relieved Because now he can live his life without sadness anymore. But that junior high school will still be remembered. If there is no painful thing that he will not change.


The next day Hori dreams that he and Miyamura will break up. It worried him. Then he tried not to cause trouble for Miyamura. And it's astray that he wants to be close to Miyamura, suddenly Miyamura always stays away from him. It wasn't even one time. This made Hori even more worried. But in fact, Miyamura gave him a surprise. Which he baked her a cake for at Christmas. It made his heart relieved because the dream was just a lie.


Long story short on Christmas day they both looked happy. But the problem reappeared. Where later they have graduated, the two of them will separate. However, Hori denied this. Because he still wants to be with her. As a result, Miyamura decided to marry him. Because after graduation he will hold his mother's cake shop. And later he used the income to support Hori.


So that's the storyline of Horimiya. As you can see, the ending of this film is very happy. But in our opinion, the story is a little less than the maximum. Maybe if the author provides a more detailed description of Miyamura that changes his appearance, even more, the story will be interesting again.