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(This Disabled Boy Is Underestimated by All Kingdoms, turns out to be the strongest King)

This time we will review the anime storyline coming out in 2021 which has a very interesting story. This anime is titled Ousama Ranking, Or in Indonesian it can be called the ranking of the Kings. The interesting thing about this anime story is that the main character was born with a disability, Can't hear and also speak. Even so, the main character intends to become the greatest king in the world.


The beginning of the story shows a very peaceful kingdom headed by king Bosse. It is said that King Bosse is the strongest king in all corners of the world. But this is the complete opposite of his first child named Boji. Namely, Boji was born with a disability and can not speak or hear. That's why he is always ostracized by society, Why can the son of the strongest king be born like that? Plus Boji doesn't have any power. But behind it, all Boji is a very good boy, So good he is repeatedly in rob by Bandits to Shadow Monster named Kage.


Even so, the Kage was very surprised by his nature, Because even though he was robbed, Boji always saw him every day. The reason Boji saw him every time was that only two of them knew about him, It was also the Kage who felt confused by his attitude. followed him, then at that moment he just found out the fact from Boji which was very sad. Where the residents and the whole family including his adoptive mother named Hailing didn't seem to like him. The bad thing was that his mother said that he didn't deserve to be the next King the right one was her younger sister named Daida. Despite being ridiculed like Boji, she persists in living her life.


Seeing this sad fact, the Kage realized something. Behind his cheerful nature, he suffered a lot. Too bad when he followed him further, He was stopped by one of the guards named Bobin. It was only then that his identity was revealed. Namely, the Kage came from the Shadow Clans Commonly Called Killing Clans. But now the Clans have been wiped out by the Kingdom. Remember that the Shadow Clans used to be assassins who served a king. Until one day because of their mission they had to be massacred by the kingdom.


Luckily on the battlefield, the Kage survived his mother's sacrifice, Who then lived alone by stealing to survive. Until one day he could get another life after being helped by someone, Even though he was treated like a slave at that time. Too bad at some point his life starts to be threatened again when that person sells him to the kingdom. even though the Kage has recognized himself as his family. since his miserable life, he begins to distrust anyone anymore.




The story goes back to the royal palace. It can be seen that King Bosse is so sick that he can't move. I don't know what kind of disease he is sure His life is now on the verge of death. For that, he also asks Boji to try to be strong. So later he can become the greatest king. And to make him strong he has assigned a swordsman named Domas to train him. Remembering one-day Bosse's king believes that he can become a great king. 

Long story short, when Boji was training hard to achieve his goal. but in the middle of the training, Daida stopped who wanted to compete with Domas. Of course, Domas who was previously angry with him accepted it, While seeing potential in Daida. That's right in the short battle daida's talent for swordsmanship is Just like King Bosse. Boji who saw Domas who was excited like that immediately replaced him to fight. I don't know what he was thinking for sure Boji didn't want to lose to his brother. As all Soldiers who saw the fight knew Underestimating Boji Because Boji didn't have any abilities since childhood. But during the fight, Boji showed his abilities, Where he was able to dodge Daida's attacks so easily that he could hit him several times. But his punches weren't strong at all.


Seeing this, everyone was shocked, But there was something bad about it too. That is, if it continued like that, it would be a waste of time. Then to stop it Domas said that ability like that doesn't reflect a king. Surely Boji heard this even then he obeyed and ended up being battered. Considering that his younger brother was very displeased with defeat, So he beat him to surrender. Somehow he was so cruel to his brother which must have something to do with Who will be the next king.



Turning from the side of Boji who was resting. At that time the Kage who managed to escape from Bobin was still watching what Boji was doing. And to his surprise, despite his injured body, Boji was still trying to be strong. That's how he remembers one good thing Boji is just like him. Then to cheer him up Kage promised him to make him strong someday. After that, the Kage got into trouble with Bobin who stopped him. As a result, he was imprisoned underground so as not to do strange things. Whereas previously the Kage only wanted to be friends with Boji.


The next day there was bad news that happened, Namely, King Bosse had died. Seeing this made others feel sad, especially Boji. But what was surprising from that suddenly a strange devil appeared from Bosse's body. I don't know who the devil was for sure at that time he pointed at Boji and disappeared immediately. After a few days that the Kingdom had to choose a new king. Unfortunately, it wasn't Boji but Daida that became king. This could happen because before that day Hilling as Bosse's wife asked for everything to choose Daida to be king. Because of that on the day of the inauguration arrived, the one who became king was Daida. When in that condition Boji was very panicked and sad, Moreover, there was no one to defend him. He too who felt sad immediately went to the place where he met with Kage.



Bobin said that the strange creature had gone on an adventure. Whereas previously the Kage had been imprisoned in the underground. Boji who didn't accept it immediately went to see the prison, And to his surprise nothing Kage made him worse off. Now in despair, That's why he asked for help from a giant snake named Mitsumata, None other than Bobin's Snake. Mitsumata says that the Kage is still alive, And now accepts a mission from Bobin to do something. Not yet known what mission it is Surely this is a secret mission. Immediately upon hearing this Boji looks happy again and decides to go on an adventure as well.


Meanwhile, on the other hand, Daida wants to overhaul all the order in this kingdom, especially those who didn't choose her. She can find out because of the help of her mysterious mirror. Then whoever asks Bobin to kill Apeas immediately. Accepting the order Bobin can't help but he had to do it, Even though he had the heart to kill his comrade. As a result, after a long quest, finally, the fight was inevitable. Long story short, the result of the match was won by Apeas easily. The story stops here, considering the story is getting interesting, we will continue in the next part.