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Anime Ousama Ranking Part 2


(Boji's Long Road Become the greatest king)

Sin continues from Boji asking permission from his mother to let him go on an adventure. Too bad Hailing doesn't allow that and the night curses him. Of course, at first, Boji feels sad but after that strong determination, he intends to run away from the palace. Unfortunately, it didn't end. Instead, he was hurt by his actions. Just then something very surprising was seen, It turned out that Healing wasn't as bad as he thought he was the one who wanted to be close to Boji. 


This is evident from the appearance of the pre-birth period of Daida. For yesterday's incident, Hiling also allowed him to go on an adventure on the condition that Boji must be accompanied by Domas and Hakuro. It will also begin the journey of Boji's adventure. It's not good for Hiling to have a bad feeling there, Whether it's true or not, one can only believe it for a moment.


The next day, one of the Ousama Ranking Committees began to re-check all the kingdoms that existed after the death of King Bosse. It was said that if you managed to get to the top position you could get a valuable treasure. But until now it is not known what treasure it is. The bad news is that there is a royal rank Bose drops drastically to the 90th position. This is because King Daida's strength isn't strong yet.


Continuing from the Adventures of Boji again. On his first adventure, he got into a big problem. Namely because of Boji's innocence All of the valuables in his bag were stolen by someone. Then along the way, the bag was unexpectedly found intact, Even so, it didn't happen there's another problem. Continuing on his way through the forest, The bad thing is that Due to Boji's carelessness he gets stuck in a strange hole and meets a good person. Well at that meeting he learns a lot from the strange person about survival. Then after a night Finally Domas and Hakuro managed to find him. 


During the rest period, someone suddenly attacked him, I don't know who that person was for sure someone was after Boji. Starting from there Domas and Hakuro will be careful again so that this doesn't happen again. Then they arrive at a city called Hell's Gate. Now behind that gate is the Kingdom of the underworld Inhabiting that place. Because of that Asta city is very peaceful.



Short of Domas who brought Boji close to the gates of hell. At that moment a shocking moment was shown, How could Domas not suddenly push Boji to the ground? The reason Domas did this was that he was ordered by Daida to kill him. So with a heavy heart, Domas did this, Because of the order of King Daida Absolute. Well after doing that Domas also felt sad, Why is that because he has betrayed the Prince and the promise of King Bosse?


Things started to get worse when Hakuro found out about this. As a result, a very angry Hakuro immediately attacked him, Unexpectedly Hakuro received the attack. Considering he knew that he was wrong. Finding that Hakuro was very surprised and gave up his intentions. After the dispute and even then finally, they went alone. Namely, Hakuro's goal was to tell Miss Hiling. Meanwhile even Domas who couldn't come back would live as an ordinary person.


Next, a miraculous event is shown, It turns out that Boji is still alive after falling from such a height. It turns out that behind it all that helped him was Kaga, Even the one who saved him yesterday was himself. Here Kage has a good idea, Namely, he will take him to the person who can make him strong, because it just so happens that he can be under this hell gate. Which means they can continue their journey to the underworld. Unlucky in their journey they both get into big trouble from the poisonous smoke. Bad in conditions like that they couldn't escape and ended up being trapped in the poison gas.



Sin moved from Daida who had a nightmare. As a result of that, he wanted the power of his father even more. And to be able to get it he brought a mysterious mirror that could talk to the basement of the Castle. Surprisingly in the basement, there was a place that was scary and full of Monsters. The scariest thing about it The mirror grinds Bosse's corpse into something.


Well, it turns out that what the mirror did was resurrect the strongest creature that ever existed. Which was then turned into a potion that could make humans strong. Of course, Daida didn't drink the potion, Remembering all she wanted to do was become strong with her strength, Well this trait can be attached to him because for several years Bobin taught him like that. So even though he has a selfish nature, his nature is still the same as his father.



At that moment of tension, Apeas suddenly appeared who wanted to kill Daida. But it was immediately stopped by the Mirror. Now it was revealed that the mirror was named Miranjo. When he heard the name Apeas immediately fell silent because he was a good friend of King Bosse. I don't know what Miranjo said to Apeas for sure. At that moment Apeas sided with him and made Daida drink the previous potion. Well, it turns out that the drink does not make humans strong, But the drink resurrects someone. The other thing that he resurrects is King Bosse himself.


The scene shifts from the side of Boji and Kage being brought by a strange knight to a kingdom. None other than they are already in the King of the World that Desha. At that time Desha was very surprised that they both were able to live even though they were hit by the gas I said. It turned out that Boji and Kage had been hit by Curse. Boji's curse is a giant whose power has been stolen, While the curse of the Kage is a shadow clan that doesn't recognize the existence of God. I don't know what he means, there must be one more mysterious thing.


Without further Kage asks him to make Boji strong. Desha will accept him as his disciple when Boji can fight against his strongest army. Exactly the outcome of the negotiations failed Because Boji can only avoid it. But not only that, the two of them came to the wrong person. Because the letter from Hilling was addressed to Desha's sister named Despa. With that, they both continued their journey to the place of Despa.


Maybe that's all for today's part. The next story will be even more interesting because soon Boji can become Strong. While on the side of the Bose Kingdom there are still many mysterious things happening, Remembering that King Bosse has been resurrected. The story stops here, considering the story is getting interesting, we will continue in the next part, Thanks You.

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