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Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

 Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

(A weak boy goes to a magic school, is even loved by a popular girl)

This time we will discuss the entire Witch Craft works anime storyline. The story begins with our main character named Takamiya Honoka, an ordinary high school student who does routines like normal students. In contrast to him who could be considered No Life and aloof. A female student named Kagari is the center of attention and idol for both boys and girls at her school. In addition to his charming face, Kagiri is also the son of the principal, so it can be said that he has more privileges. Takamiya who saw the popularity of kagari was quite traumatized by the crowd it generated. so he decided to stay away from kagiri and his fans.

Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

Things got worse when Honoka and kagari were next to each other on the bench, so he couldn't avoid her. But one day fate said otherwise, the closeness between the two of them began to intertwine due to an accidental moment. His fans who saw Takamiya close to Kagari immediately bullied him and asked him to stay away from the princess. Kagiri is a quiet type of heroine and doesn't thirst for praise from her fans. In Takemiya's class, he doesn't have any friends. Once upon a time, a strange incident happened to Takamiya when he was taking out the trash. Suddenly he fell from the ruins of a building which was a magic cast by someone. 

At the same time, kagari, fortunately, came to his aid. so that his life can be saved from here. It is also revealed that Kagari's true identity is a magician, she then protects Takamiya from Tampopo's attack which awakens several stuffed rabbits. Takemiya, who was almost executed, still doesn't believe that what happened is a very genuine incident. With her fire magic power, Kagari can protect Takemiya who is still in confusion. 

Kagari reveals that her mission as a magician is to protect a takemiya. With Million Clover magic, these dolls can be destroyed, and Tampopo back away from his pursuit. From here the two of them become closer, kagari considers Takemiya as his master to be protected by him. the special relationship between the two of them. Now starting from the one who had left alone, now takemiya has to sit together with kagiri on the bus. 

Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

Walk together and always side by side at school. thus making Kagari fans nervous and hating the presence of Takemiya even more. Seen when Takemiya entered the room, the atmosphere of the class immediately turned dark. the effect of takemiya did not escape from Bulian. but with the protection of kagari He can also get out of this trouble.

In the afternoon, takemiya is invited to eat with kagari, complete with a romantic scene between the two of them. Unable to stand the fans, Kagari Takemiya decided to leave. But when he was off guard, Tampopo still attacked Takamiya to kidnap him. From this, it is also revealed that Tampopo is a tower wizard. Tower wizards are a faction of wizards who can be considered evil and have the intent to destroy the world and attack humans. while the shudio wizard on the other hand has a mission to protect the peace between mankind from the attacks of the witches.

In this case, kagari is a shudio magician who is protecting takamiya from tampopo with ulterior motives. luckily in this impromptu attack, the kagari came at the right time, so that takemiya could be protected. didn't learn from the previous mistakes tamopo's summon doll couldn't withstand Kagari's attack. As a result, tampopo escapes a second time and takamiya is able to go home with kagari. 

Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

The next day unexpectedly 5 tower wizards including Tanpopo even openly transferred to the Takemiya school in the same class. None other than their goal is to target a takemiya. as a high school student, kagari can be said to be a perfect student on all sides, beautiful, smart, and liked by many people. On the other hand, Takamiya is just a quiet character and doesn't have any friends. From here it is also unknown why Takemiya became the target of the tower wizards.

Unlike usual days. Upon arrival at class, Takemiya was surprised by Kagari who was doing torture to the tower wizard. Kagari intends to hunt them down on orders that Takemiya accidentally gave the previous day. And this is where the true purpose of these magicians is revealed, where what they are after is the Takamiya's body that holds a white object inside. 

At the same time, Takemiya was kidnapped by Mei and taken away somewhere. Meanwhile, Kagari has to go solo against Tampopo and other tower wizards. However, with her fire magic power, Kagari can easily annihilate them, and chases Takemiya and makes Mei run away from there. for being afraid of the fire magic that was cast by kagari after this incident kegari explained everything about what was going on. And takemiya asks to be a student of kagari so that he can teach magic he can protect himself from enemies and cooperate with kagari.

Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

From here the heroin explains his status as a shudio wizard whose mission is to protect the peace of society from attacks by tower wizards. The goal is to create chaos everywhere. Before practice started the two of them could be said to have gone on a date together from shopping and eating together on Sundays. But on the way, they were attacked by a tower mage, as usual, Kagari was easily able to deal with it even though it was surrounded from all sides and made them all run away. 

After that, they also met Mrs. Kagari, the principal of the Kazani Kagiri school. arguably the leader of the shudio magicians who are considered to have the most powerful strength among the magicians. Besides that, he is also the one who ordered Kagiri to protect. With the principle of never giving up, Tanpopo and his magic crew still attack Takamiya. But with a single attack, they instantly vanished, as soon as rumors of Takamiya's closeness with kagari spread. Takemiya is flooded with hate mail from his school friends, unlike Kagari. Again greeted like a princess in her class. From now on Kagari sits side by side with Takemiya, so that he can be closer and can teach some subjects.

Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

Even in sports, kagari is paired with takemiya, which makes his fans even hotter and more jealous of him. This routine makes Takemiya dizzy and tired of having to deal with all that. While returning home from school, an incident occurred where Chronoire, a tower wizard, attacked them and targeted Takemiya. Kagari couldn't do anything, because she was badly injured. The damage he got was a consequence of his using damage transfer to protect Takamiya. so that all attacks that takemiya receives will be sent to him.

But at this moment kagari unleashed her hidden power and instantly defeated the chronoir and her maid. After that, he was treated to recover from the wounds he got from this incident. takemiya also gets candy from the chronoir which he then keeps. After regaining consciousness, Takemiya practices magic with Kagari as his teacher. From flying and lightning training to the use of the mage's cloak attribute their existence can be detected by ordinary humans. 

Anime Witch Craft works Part 1

At this time Takemiya also tries to fly using a broom, assisted by Kagari as his sensei. Seeing a student in trouble makes Takemiya intend to help him, in contrast to Kagari who doesn't care about this problem, because the crime should be handled by the police, not magicians, witches only have a job to protect humans from evil witches. 

On the first try, Takemiya can fly immediately and can save a student from trouble. But this is a trap for the tower mage who is watching Takamiya. This incident certainly has something to do with something, a series of events and attacks that took place in connection with Medusa's resurrection. Which is currently being sealed by a shudio mage. Medusa is arguably the most feared tower wizard figure and arguably the Final Boss of the Witch Craft works series. His revival begins from here to target Takemiya and the Shudio magicians. 

Let's end the story here first, the next story is still interesting, because the Tanpopo wizard group still hasn't given up. Plus the resurrection of queen medusa that will overwhelm kagari.

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