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Horimiya live Action Part 1


(from a quiet and mysterious young man, to a very popular handsome man)

In this discussion, we will discuss live-action films again. This film is adapted from Anime, to be precise this film is titled Horimiya. For the story will tell a geeky youth who has a different side. And on the other hand, he has a very interesting love story.


The film opens by showing a woman named Hori. It is said that Hori is a popular person at school because he has a beautiful face. Besides that he also has two close friends, They are named Yuki and Toru. Well, they live every day like other young people. One day Hori accidentally dropped his writing instrument. And here is also introduced a new character again, he is named Miyamura. In the story, Miyamura is considered a quiet person in class and rarely socializes. Because from the first time he came in he hadn't done anything that stood out. Well, there it was seen that Hori also seemed to want to know.


The story continues after school. Whereas Hori at home has a busy life. He replaces his mother's role when her mother works. It can be seen that Hori is a hard worker. Every day she always does work like a mother. Looks like he can't play like a normal high school kid. On the other hand, he wants to have fun. But what power with a situation like this he just gave up. He even pleaded not to want his classmates to know that he was like this every day. 


One day suddenly he received news from a neighbor that his sister was seen with a stranger. The neighbor said that the man looked like a thug. Because the man has many piercings. Hori knew it worried, because his sister could be kidnapped. But not because the person with the piercing is good. Remembering the man drove his sister safely. To thank Hori for hosting the man at his house. But while talking there, the man recognized him. This surprised Hori because he didn't have any friends like him. The man explained that he was a classmate named Miyamura. Again it surprised him, because how can a geeky person like this be able to look like this? But in a moment he finally realized that the man was Miyamura.


The next day Hori still had no idea what had happened earlier. Because it turns out that Miyamura only looks like that at home. Even at school, he returned to his former appearance. This confused Hori, Then he spoke to him once more. It also made Miyamura surprised because he suspected that with what happened yesterday Hori was afraid of him. Remembering when someone met him his appearance was average. They were afraid. But that didn't frighten Hori. He was very happy for him Because they had something in common. Namely, they have something that no one wants to see. On the other hand, Miyamura also thanked him because it was the first time he had socialized with his classmates. After that, they started to get close. Moreover, Miyamura always came home from Hori every day. There Hori's younger brother Sota is also happy with him because Miyamura doesn't like his appearance.


From there they are always together, sometimes they also know each other. This is seen if the two of them pay attention to each other. And one thing that surprised Hori again was Miyamura having a tattoo on his body. That made Miyamura even more terrifying. But Hori accepts the reason because everyone has the right to do what he likes.


Continuing at school, Toru looks jealous when Miyamura is close to Hori. It turns out that Toru likes Hori. But until now he had never expressed his feelings. She also asks him if he is dating Hori. Miyamura replied that he had nothing to do with him. Well at the same time they also skipped gym class. But for a moment Toru began to suspect Miyamura. Why do you always wear long clothes even when the weather is hot? Then Miyamura told the truth, that he had tattoos on his body. This took Toru by surprise. Surprised again Miyamura was not what he thought. Because previously he thought that Miyamura was a gloomy person and didn't like to socialize. But after knowing the truth, Toru begins to be attracted to him. It seems that they are now friends.


In the afternoon after school, Miyamura allowed Toru to express his feelings to Hori. Meanwhile, he asked Hori to be with him this time. But unfortunately, Toru was rejected by Hori. Meanwhile, Miyamura will pick up Hori's sister and take care of her house. While rushing to leave, he accidentally met Yuki. But at that time Yuki did not know that the man he met was Miyamura.


Long story short, Hori finally came home. But at that time he was angry with him because Miyamura showed an appearance to them. So it seems that Hori is jealous when the other side of Miyamura is seen by others. And from there it was seen that Hori had feelings for him. And it turns out that Miyamura is like that too, he also doesn't want the other side of Hori to be seen by others. Now with these two beliefs, it is certain that they both like each other.


At school, it is shown that Hori is also one of the student council administrators. And every day he is always given an assignment by his senior named Ayasaki. Ayasaki is also dating the student council president named Sengoku. But it seems that Hori has a close relationship with Sengoku here. But the difference is only as childhood friends. 


After school, Ayasaki accidentally bumps into Miyamura. It also made the files that Ayasaki brought. But Ayasaki didn't bother with that. Then the next day Miyamura heard that Hori was having trouble. Sengoku scolded him for not taking care of the files properly. Misguided that Miyamura realized that it could be that yesterday's file had fallen and Ayasaki collided with him. Then he looked for the file. It was true that the letter had fallen. And full of courage Miyamura ventured to justify it. But before that he beat up Sengoku, the reason being that he was very upset if Hori was scolded.


The next day Miyamura suddenly fought with Toru. It happened because of Hori. But doing so brings them close. As usual, after school Miyamura always came home from Hori. It could be seen that they were trying to get close to each other. But for a moment Hori wanted to express his feelings. Suddenly his mother came home. In order not to be awkward, Hori introduced Miyamura to his mother. At first, his mother was a little scared, but after seeing that Miyamura was a good person she let her son play with her.


A few days later Hori suddenly developed a fever. This made Miyamura worried. And astray. Hori always mumbled about his past of being alone. Where he was always alone at home because both his parents worked. Knowing this, Miyamura tried to calm him down. Then he also said that he loved her. But at that time Miyamura said while Hori was sleeping. It turned out that Hori had not yet fallen asleep. It also surprised him because he couldn't say it at the time.


The next day Miyamura was surprised by his old friend in middle school. He is Shindou. Shindou was my only friend in middle school. It seems that in the past Miyamura had no friends at all. He was ostracized in class for some reason. And from there Miyamura had nothing of value. Until one day he did what he liked, namely changing his appearance. He did this so that his life could change. And that's a piece of the dark story of Miyamura. Shindo who knows that Miyamura has changed, is very happy because he believes that Miyamura is not what he used to be. Especially now that he knows that Miyamura is close to a beautiful girl. So that's it for the first part. If you are still curious about the continuation of the story, you can watch part 2.

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