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Initial D Live Action Part 1

 Initial D Live Action Part 1

(Just a merchant, But has the god of racing skills)

In this discussion, we will discuss films with a different genre than usual. The place where we will discuss the film is Initial D live-action. Surely some of you already know about this one film, considering that this film was once famous in its time. The story, it's about a tofu seller who unexpectedly has talent as a racing god.

Initial D Live Action Part 1

The story begins with a young man named Takumi. It is said that his life is very bad. How not because he has a drunken father and does not know himself. And from there, he, who comes from a family that is less economically, decided to work at a gas station after returning home from school. And in the morning he always asked his father to deliver Tofu to customers. From here we can see that Takumi's life is very hard. But even so, Takumi did not complain, because this is his destiny.


At School, Takumi looks like an ordinary student in general. But while at home he worked hard to stay alive and help his father. When he came home from work, he was met by his hangout friend, Itsuki. None other than Itsuki is the son of the owner where he works. He is described as someone who has a high ego and is optimistic. But even so, he has a dream to become a road racer like his father. Remembering his father used to be known as the god of mountain racing Akina. Knowing that Takumi is not interested at all, Even though Itsuki always invites him to be like him. At that time it was also revealed that Takumi had feelings for one of his childhood friends named Natsuki. But from the beginning, he did not dare to reveal it.

Initial D Live Action Part 1

Another day at work, suddenly a street racer named Nakazato came to this place to challenge the god of racing. With pride, Itsuki, who wants to be a racer, accepts the challenge. The god of racing is his father. Even though his enemy had a highly - branded race car, Itsuki was not afraid of anything. And optimistically he went along with Takumi on the night race. As seen for a moment there were a lot of spectators and several other racers. But that did not make Itsuki flinch though, In fact, he said that he could beat them all even with a car like this. But it turned out that just as the race had started, the car hit a cliff around the corner. For that Itsuki lost and was humiliated. While on the side Takumi who was with him could only be angry. Because he is too optimistic even though he does not have talent like his father.


Due to yesterday's defeat, Itsuki forced his father to buy a Nissan GTR. If he didn't give it, he wouldn't be a professional racer. But Itsuki's main reason is that he wants to have a car like that. At that time, his father advised him that cars are not everything to win races. Because if the driver is stupid like him, no matter how good a car he is, he can't control it.


On the other hand, while Takumi was delivering Tofu to a customer in the early hours of the morning, he found yesterday's racer trying to get him to race. And I don't know what he was thinking. Takimi started to follow Nakazato to race each other. Unexpected also At that time it was seen that he was very good at driving. He can also turn like Nakazato even more perfect than him. And the most surprising thing was that he was able to beat Nakazato in the wild race. Nakazato, who lost, was confused as to why he could lose to a tofu seller's car. 

Initial D Live Action Part 1

Then the next day he was curious to come to the gas station again and asked who the driver the seller knew in the early hours of the morning. Because at that time he had been defeated by that person. But everyone there, including the head of the gas station, didn't know it. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Takumi who was listening also pretended not to know. For that, Nakazato only told him that he would be waiting for him at Mount Akina to race.


After coming home from work, Takumi was invited by his friend Natsuki to go somewhere. He said Natsuki just wanted to thank him because he had helped him from the delinquents who had bothered him a few days ago. And to thank Takumi he asked her out on a date next Sunday. Takumi, who has been in love with him for a long time, is also happy not to play. As a result, he would promise to come and pick her up.


Knowing this, he asked his father, Bunto, for permission to use the car on Sundays. But at that time Bunto did not allow it, because his car would be used for a meeting of tofu sellers. Knowing that makes Takumi sad because he will break his promise. But the good news is his father will allow it if Takumi can defeat the owner of the GTR Car, none other than Nakazato. So why did Bunto know that his son had beaten the wild racer? Because he knew the news from Itsuki's father. It turns out that Itsuki's father was his best friend until he became a racer. So Takumi's talent as a racer is a talent from his father. Remember that Bunto was known as a racer who could keep up with Itsuki's father. It is also predicted that he is the best racer from Japan. Even the ability of Bunto himself was also recognized by Itsuki's father.

Initial D Live Action Part 1

Here we also reveal an interesting fact, that Bunto has been training Takumi for the past 5 years. Precisely it started with him asking him to deliver tofu to customers. Unexpectedly, a few weeks after that, Takumi could go home earlier. And as time went on it grew even faster. But even so, there is a problem again. None other than knowing what he was carrying was destroyed because he was in a hurry and hit a barrier. For that Bunto also gave a glass of milk on the dashboard of his car. Aiming for Takumi to make a balance without having to hit the guardrail. And sure enough, Takumi could even go faster without destroying the Tofu he was carrying. And the most important thing is now sending the tofu to the customer in just a few minutes. Mount Akina is a winding and steep place. But in the past 5 years, Takumi doesn't realize that he is being trained by his father as a racer like him.


Turning again to Takumi who inevitably must be able to defeat Nakazato. Considering that only then he could use the car to go on a date with Natsuki next Sunday? While there, Itsuki also wanted to race. For that reason, he also did not want to lose to Nakazato. Unexpectedly, the arrival of Takumi surprised everyone, including Itsuki himself. Considering he didn't know that Takumi could drive a car. At that time, an annoyed Takumi told him that he would defeat Nakazato. Considering he had beaten him once. From there, Nakazato finally realized that he had been beaten by a car selling tofu. And to prove that he was racing with him.

Initial D Live Action Part 1

It seems that at the beginning, Takumi lost badly. Because the straight road GTR from Nakazato is faster. Given that the car is a race car. But here Takumi doesn't care about that, Instead, he relaxes and drives as usual when he delivers the tofu. It turns out that Takumi can beat him when he takes a steep turn. Because at that time Nakazato was not an expert and made a mistake. Generally, also a car like that on a turn like this usually slows down. But on Takumi's side, he even took advantage of that weakness to get ahead of him. And sure enough, Takumi was able to get ahead of him by taking advantage of that. Thus he can win it and go with Natsuki to the beach according to the agreement.

The story ends here. Next time Takumi will try harder and upgrade his car so he can beat yesterday's opponent.


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