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One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations


Discussion This time we will bring something interesting, where it has something to do with Vegapunk and Franky. Which was seen in the previous few chapters, here I don't know why Franky got so many panels. Usually, then the character will get Influenced in this Arc. Well, what is Franky's role in this arc, let's just discuss it as follows.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations

Before entering the discussion about Franky, we first entered from the newly released spoiler. The title of the chapter will be Adventure in the Land of Science. This means that there will be a lot of interesting things that will be shown later regarding egghead island. The first point, we are given a cover page about the island of chocolate covered by ice, or the truth has not been confirmed yet. Yups, something big will definitely happen on the island, whether someone is after him after the defeat of Big Mom or other things. 


Our second point is that Boney is the son of Kuma. Surely this fact has explained why from the very beginning of its appearance, Boney looked for Kuma wherever he went. And it turns out that the main reason he sailed the ocean was to meet his father and look for Vegapunk to restore him to how he was before.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations

Third Point, It is known that on this island there are 6 different Vegapunks. The reason there are 6 different vegapunks is that the original vegapunks are busy with piles of problems. Because of that, Vegapunk's shirt in Chapter 1061 also has the number 2 on his chest.


Then at the last point, we are given a very surprising panel, where the Cp Zero agent is ordered by the world government to kill Vegapunk. They came here with the Seraphim Kuma. Yups for sure this way there will be a big clash on the island of the future, then whether vegapunk joins the straw hat pirates if it doesn't have a place anymore, we just wait for further information. 


Our first discussion starts from the prefix of this arc. Egghead Island is known as the island of the future because the technology of this island is 500 years in the future. It can be said that this island is not just any island, because there will be a lot of advanced technology on the island. It was only in yesterday's chapter that it was clear who was on this island, none other than Vegapunk. So it's clear that this is the research lab of the government's genius scientists. So why did Oda make Egghead Island the Beginning of the Final Saga?

One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations

Yup, this is definitely related to the history of devil fruit and others. Where before reaching the middle of the final story of the saga, the story of Devil Fruits and other mystical things should be revealed. So with that, the plot hole of the story must be completed. This is where the interesting thing happens, where it is possible that the story will repeat the same scheme, which is similar to when Luffy and his friends come to a new world, the first island they stop at is Punk Hazard. Hearing this, you will surely be amazed by what we have explained, that in the past they also met with Caesar and fought him, their goal at that time was also just to enter the island, but in the end, they even helped the children who had been made a trial by Caesar, And in the middle of it was formed the Alliance Law and Luffy. 


Then will the story be like this? If we think there may be some similarities, the similarities are the same in the snow climate, even though in Punk Hazard the climate happened because of the fight between Aokiji and Akainu. On this EggHead Luffy and his friends have entered a naturally cold climate. That way we can conclude this is Mugiwara's journey to the second winter after Sakura Island. Well, the meeting of the Straw Hat Pirates and Vegapunk will definitely make a big impact on the world, because now Luffy has become a Yonkou.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations

It is a very unnatural thing for a Yonko to come to the territory of the world government, especially since this place is the manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction from Vegapunk. So, will Luffy and the others later fight with Vegapunk? Maybe at first, it was, because Vegapunk had a very rare guest, a Yonkou. Usually, if the territory of the government is visited by the Yonko, then soon the government immediately orders its fleet to expel the Yonko. 


However in yesterday's chapter, it seemed that this self-proclaimed vegapunk didn't react that way, instead, he seemed to relax and help them, even though his words were completely different from what he did. From this gesture, it is clear that this Vegapunk has no bad intentions toward the Straw Hat Group. I don't know what the reason is, this is clear by showing himself openly without fear though. We think that Vegapunk has been waiting for their arrival for a long time. Interestingly, there are no soldiers around this island, only strong cyborgs made from vegapunk. Somehow there is no government section on this island, maybe this is a condition from Vegapunk to the government. 


Although no one is guarding at all from the Navy troops, near this island there is the headquarters of G14, it's possible that the task of G14 is to oversee what Vegapunk makes and does. Because of that, the Headquarters of G14 is right near Egghead Island. So is it possible for Vegapunk not to side with the World Government? It could be yes it could be no, why is it like that, usually an intelligent scientist has his own interests. Maybe, in this case, we feel Vegapunk wants the resources owned by the government to be able to achieve that goal.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations

With that he was also able to get the cells of the strongest person as a test material. Why do we conclude this, the reason is certainly that the artificial devil fruit that was eaten by Momonosuke did not fail, it could even be said to be close to success. Then what is the real purpose and why does Vegapunk want to join the government? Too bad the answer is very gray, could he possibly be a member of a secret group? and Who is the Group? If we look at the helmet that Vegapunk carries, then there is a resemblance to one of the most dangerous people in the group. Yups His helmet is similar to the one worn by Lindberg from the Revolutionary Army. 


Incidentally, in the organization of the Revolution, Linberg is a scientist who is very genius in science and technology. So where did Lindberg master this knowledge? Is it possible that before becoming part of the revolutionary army he worked for Vegapunk? We look forward to furthering information from the next chapter.


Back to Discussion Will this be an Arc from Franky? Of course yes, why is that because in the Straw Hat Pirates only Franky is very interested in this amazing technology? Of course, Vegapunk will be surprised how Frankie made his body like that and how the Thausand Sunny ship was made like that. Surely Franky would tell him all that is Known. 


In return, Vegapunk must also tell something he doesn't know, such as what Vegapunk was doing in the old lab. Where in the Old Lab there are so many interesting things that don't make sense according to Franky. Because there is a picture of a mysterious thing accompanied by a devil fruit as the object. So from there, Vegapunk will explain the history of how the origin of the devil fruit was created, and how he made an artificial devil fruit. Well, of course, it will be very interesting if the scenario is like that.

One Piece Chapter 1062 Mystery Relations Of Franky and Vegapunk's Relations

Next, we will discuss the Reasons For Thausand Sunny. So what does Sunny have to do with this Arc? We think there are a lot of changes from the Thousand Sunny. Why is it like that, the reason is certain. Later Franky will ask Vegapunk to strengthen his fist so that Sunny can become stronger and more terrifying than before. Why We Are So Sure Thausand Sunny Is Getting Change? The reason is obvious because all members of the Straw Hat Crew have got a very large scale of power. 


Of course, Franky also won't let Sunny go on like that, because from now on, the Straw Hat Pirates will have a very strong opponent. Then to overcome that, Franky inevitably has to ask for help from Vegapun to strengthen Sunny. Although this theory is forced, it is possible that speculations like this happen, because sometimes Sunny also has a chance to fight. If all the weapons are upgraded like the power of the Seraphim, then it will definitely turn off again, if that's true, then Sunny can be dubbed the warship later. This is also in line with Franky's dream, which is to make a battleship that can pierce all the oceans in the world. So this is the right time to make that dream come true. Well, what do you think about our pretty wild theory? Does it Make Sense? give your explanation below.

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