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Plot Story Btoom Part 1

 Plot Story Btoom Part 1

(wakes up on an island, and is required to survive other players)

btooom, is the title of a game that is often played by Ryota Sakamoto. He is a hikikomori hardcore gamer who spends his time playing games. His dedication to playing games made him the top 10 best players in the world. Even so fond of Btoo, he aspires to work at the game developer company, tyrano japan. Btoom itself is a Battle Royale game where players are on a deserted island and kill each other. But the players do not use firearms, but only use bombs.

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

One day, when Ryota was outside, he was approached by two people in black suits. He was taken away by force and now he is on the plane with many other people. Then someone appears on the screen and explains that they will be taken to a desert island to play Btoom in the real world. Then he explained the rules of this game, first the players will be provided with several booms. The boom itself has various types, one of which is Cracker. A cracker is a bomb that will explode if it hits something, the way it works is similar to a grenade. 

Then there is also a bomb with a timer feature, as the name implies. This bomb can be set to explode for a maximum of 10 seconds. because this bomb takes a few seconds to explode, this Bomb has a greater explosive power compared to Cracker. finished explaining about the bomb, then he explained How to get out of the desert island. Each potential player has a green chip embedded in the hand. This chip also functions as a tracking device to get out of this game. 

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

The players must collect eight chips including their chips. In other words, the players had to kill a minimum of seven people to return. After listening to all the explanations, suddenly there is one person who rebelled, and that person is Ryota. Immediately, Ryota was electrocuted in the head until he fainted, and not only fainted but the shock also made him lose his memory. 

After that, the players were forced to get off the plane by using a parachute. while Ryota was brought down in a stupor. After that Ryota woke up in the middle of the forest, he was very confused and didn't remember why he was there. He walked through the forest and finally arrived at a beach. then he opened his bag containing Bombs. he accidentally pressed the button and activated the bomb, Ryota's instinct said this was a dangerous object, then he reflexively threw the bomb.

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

The explosion provoked a local man. then the man threw a bomb at him. Fortunately, he still survived the explosion, this incident also made him realize that he was playing Btoom in the real world. Ryota tried to make peace, but the guy kept chasing him and threw a second bomb. Knowing that his opponent cannot be reconciled, Ryota decides to fight, he tries to analyze the situation and make a strategy. The bomb he has is a timer type, he also puts the bomb on the ground and lures his opponent to approach. after 10 seconds the bomb explodes and kills the opponent. 

after that incident, Ryota robs the Cracker-type bomb from his opponent. Then he walked towards the river and met a girl named Himiko. Seeing Ryota Himiko felt scared and she immediately ran away. Ryota who lost track then used the tracking device embedded in his hand. but unexpectedly he met another person named Tahira. 

while Himeko managed to escape. Ryota's encounter with Taira leads to a friendship. because they both have the same vision that they want to get out of this island by working together, not by killing each other. Then they both headed up the hill and saw a plane dropping food supplies by parachute. The makers of this game deliberately provide food so that players can meet each other to fight for food. food is the reason players can kill each other. 

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

Ryota saw a suitcase and intended to take it, but unfortunately, the suitcase was taken first by another player. then the man exploded because near the suitcase there was a remote-controlled bomb. it turned out that someone had arrived first and set a trap. Ryota was very lucky to have avoided the trap. but he still had to endure hunger. Then they decided to pick up the dropped food elsewhere. Arriving at his destination, he met a boy named Kosuke Kira. 

Ryota tried to make peace with him, but Kosuke wasn't someone to talk to. without hesitation he intended to kill Ryota, Ryota tried to run and set a timer bomb trap. but Kosuke is still safe, he then counters Ryota's attack with his bomb. Kosuke's bomb is a reckoning type, which will stick to the target. luckily the bomb stuck to his bag, Ryota quickly threw his bag away and managed to survive.

This fight awakens Ryota's instincts in playing BTOOOM. He also applied his abilities in this battle, he continued to move while canceling Kosuke's tracking device. The tracking device can be canceled by activating it simultaneously. That way Ryota's location will not be detected on the Radar, in other words, Ryota can read Kosuke's mind. In the end, he managed to beat Kosuke, but he still didn't want to kill him, he only tied Kosuke. then he took the bomb and also the food from him.

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

Ryota and Taira enjoyed the food they just got. Not long after, suddenly a corpse appeared that was carried away by the current of the river. Ryota decided to find out where the corpse came from. He followed the flow of the river then he met Himiko again. Himiko was currently ready to fight. Himiko is ready to attack with a bomb in her hand, but in contrast to Himiko, Ryota tries to make peace with her. Ryota tries to explain that he doesn't want to kill and tries to get off the island by working together.

But Himiko didn't hear his explanation, instead throwing Cracker-type bombs at him. But his throw missed, Ryota also took advantage of the smoke from the explosion to get closer. As soon as he got closer he took out a stand Gun or stun gun. However, Ryota managed to dodge all of Himiko's attacks. And in the end, Himiko fainted with her stun gun. after that Ryota was brought to taira's place, then in the middle of the way Himiko woke up and tried to blow herself up. then what happened was that Ryota managed to detonate the bomb before it exploded.

After that incident, they arrived at Taira's place, and Himiko was given a warm drink. Then after he calmed down he also told about how he got to this island. Himiko is an ordinary high school girl, her daily activities are school playing games and sometimes traveling with her best friend, named Miho. It just so happens that Himiko lives in the same apartment as a famous musician or celebrity. One time Himiko invited her friends to come to the apartment because she knew that Miho idolized celebrities who lived near Himiko.

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

Arriving at the apartment what happened was that they were all raped by the celebrity. But Himiko was lucky because she managed to escape. After that incident, the celebrities were arrested by the police and this incident also made Miho hate Himiko very much. Then Miho reported Himiko to Tyrano Japan and finally, Himiko was forced to play Btoom on this island. Here it is revealed that the mastermind behind all this is the btoom developer company itself. They are a group of people who are too ambitious to bring their game into the real world. The method used to find potential players is to use letters. The letter contains whether there are people around you who would like to get rid of them. 

Write his name in this letter and we will make your wish come true. meaning all the people who were sent to the island were hated, people. After Himiko arrived at the Island she formed a group with three men. Then there was a split within the group because of differences in vision. then Himiko fled with the man in blue, and after reaching a safe place the man tried to rape them. lucky Himiko still survived by using the bomb. 

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

It was this incident that traumatized Himiko against all men. It was only natural that she was sexually abused both before and after being sent to the island. Therefore when he first met Ryota Himiko was ready to fight because he did not trust all men. Then How about Ryota, just like Himiko. He is a hated person and is reported by mail. Even worse, the person who sent Ryota was his mother. Why is that because it can be said that Ryota is a rebellious child? his mother could not stand it and he finally sent Ryota to the island.

After Ryota was brought to the island he immediately regretted and decided to commit suicide after learning the bitter truth. Ryota, Himiko, and also Taira can only try to survive. Then suddenly a herd of Komodo dragons appeared near them, and immediately they tried to run away. but unfortunately, Taira was bitten by the Komodo dragon, then Ryota used the bomb and they managed to survive the Komodo attack.

Plot Story Btoom Part 1

The three of them slowly moved away from the Komodo dragon's nest. And finally, they arrived at an empty building. after a few days of sudden breaks to detect Radar from other players. He also tried to block someone who approached to protect Taira and Himiko. It turns out that what Ryota is facing is someone who has worked with Himiko. He is a former military member named Miyamoto. he was highly trained in warfare and he didn't even need a Bomb to kill someone. Worse yet, he has one partner named Natsume, and as a result, Ryota was defeated. then Ryota took out the Gun stand and finally managed to escape. but unfortunately, Miyamoto deliberately let him run, to find out where his base is.

Well that's all we can say today, the next one will still be interesting because Ryota will try his best to save Himiko and end the game.

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