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Plot Story Btoom Part 2

 Plot Story Btoom Part 2

(This woman must fight to survive)

Shortly after Miyamoto arrived at the base, Taira tried to attack but Miyamoto managed to cut his finger. while Ryota himself was hit and fell. after that, he took Ryota's food, bombs and also took Himiko with him. Ryota slowly returned to the base, and when he got there Taira was left alive. Then Ryota found Himiko's phone that was left behind. He opened the cell phone and saw a photo of Himiko who was cosplaying, he also remembered the girl he met in the game.

Plot Story Btoom Part 2

Even Ryota was already married in the game to that girl. And it turns out that the girl who married him in the game is Himiko. In-game couples are now reunited in the real world. Ryota immediately intends to save Himiko. Even though he was desperate to leave without carrying a single bomb, Ryota used his radar and managed to find Himiko's location. slowly he started to enter their base, then when he opened a door. It turned out that the door contained a Cracker-type bomb installed between the door. when opened the bomb fell, but Ryota managed to catch it and immediately deactivated the bomb.

thanks to that Ryota now has a cracker-type bomb, soon he managed to find a tied-up Himiko, he immediately freed him and tried to escape. but their location was immediately discovered because Miyamoto used his radar, Natsume immediately chased Ryota, and he threw the bomb blindly. but Ryota is one the top best players, he also managed to beat Natsume quite easily.

Unfortunately, when Ryota fought with Natsume, at the same time Miyamoto managed to catch Himiko. then Miyamoto challenges Ryota to a hand-to-hand fight. He dropped the knife and Ryota immediately approached to grab the knife. when he got closer Miyamoto immediately beat him out, When he couldn't move, Himiko tried to help him, Himiko then activated a poisonous smoke bomb hanging on Miyamoto's body. in the end, Miyamoto was killed by his bomb.

Plot Story Btoom Part 2

After all that they both rested before Returning to Taira's place. Then when night fell, Himiko was surprised by someone's presence. Ryota immediately found out who it was. He saw a light in a room and immediately headed there. When he got there he found a room complete with a bed and food supplies. Then suddenly he was attacked by someone, Ryota was still able to survive and he managed to make the person faint.

After the person realized that the woman also told him about who she used to be. She is a nurse whose name is Sisi Murasaki. One day there was malpractice at the hospital where he worked. The malpractice was caused by the mistake of a doctor there named Date. Then when they are charged with changing the medical record data to save date. He does this because he likes dates. Then what happened was date betrayed him and blamed everything on the aspect. so that the aspect must be responsible and also restrain the anger of the community.

It wasn't long before he got a letter from the front porch. then he also wrote the date name, but without him knowing he was also reported by the people who hated him. Finally, date and Segi are both sent to this island. They both work together, but at the last moment, Date betrays him. Date also managed to collect seven green pieces and managed to get out of the island. In other words, Segi is a player from the previous generation. She is trapped on this island and survives alone.

Plot Story Btoom Part 2

After morning came they both said goodbye to the face and returned to Taira's place. When they got there they met another person who was treating Taira's wound. and that person is a date. It turns out that he was sent back to this Island maybe because he is still hated by the community. when he came back on a date and pretended to be good in front of them. When the time comes he will betray and snatch the green chip as he did with Segi. 

Then Date and Himiko team up with him to get some food. not only the Ryota group but almost all the players were also there. The fight was unavoidable, Ryota had to fight over food with a player named Oda, and the two of them fought each other until they arrived at the beach. They fought evenly, but in the end, Ryota failed to get the food case. But at least his life is safe.

After that they returned to the base, then when Ryota treated the taira he said that the poison from the Komodo was hindering the healing of his wounds. Therefore, the taira needs an antidote to recover. Then the three of them went to Segi's headquarters to look for an antidote. They split up, and Date began to carry out his plan. He made Ryota carry his bag containing the bombs. Then just before it exploded Himiko screamed which made Ryota throw the bag.

Plot Story Btoom Part 2

Ryota survives the explosion, but Date thinks that Ryota is dead. after that date intends to kill Himiko. Then suddenly an aspect came to help him. The aspect that holds grudges fights quite fiercely. but unfortunately, date managed to make him faint. Then when Date intends to kill Himiko, he suddenly detects Ryota's Radar. And in the end, Date managed to beat date.

after that Ryota and Himiko immediately returned to the taira's place. Arriving there, they were suddenly attacked by using bombs that could chase targets. And surprisingly the one who attacked them was the taira. So as long as Taira is injured, he needs friends by his side. but he was always left alone by Ryota. This made him mentally fall and he even hallucinated about seeing his wife and children. Then he was determined to get off the island, the taira now has two green pieces plus the one in her hand, to three. Then he remembered that Ryota had three pieces, plus Ryota and Himiko hands totaled eight. It means by killing Ryota and Himiko taira can get out of this island and meet his wife and children.

the bomb he has is chase type, the way it works is he has to lock on the target remotely. then the bomb will pursue the target automatically. Ryota was still hit by the explosion on his leg. Ryota now can't move, then Himiko bravely blocks Taira's bomb. it turns out that the bomb has a weakness that it can be caught and deactivated by the target.

Plot Story Btoom Part 2

After all of his attacks were thwarted, Taira panicked and tried to run away. now he only has one bomb left, while Ryota and Himiko decide to go after Taira. But surprisingly Ryota did not intend to kill him but instead apologized to Taira for leaving him. hearing Ryota's apology, taira came to her senses. His mental health also improved and he already regretted all his actions. 

but unfortunately, everything was too late, because the moment he woke up suddenly a flock of Komodo dragons appeared around him. Finally, Taira decided to blow himself up along with the komodo dragons. After taira's death, Ryota and Himiko now have a total of eight pieces. surprisingly Himiko asks Ryota to kill him, so he can escape. Of course, Ryota didn't want to kill Himiko, Himiko was crying happily and she had 100% trust in Ryota. And unfortunately, this anime ends here, Don't expect a season 2, because it looks like it won't be made. according to info on many forums, this anime is not selling well in Japan, even though this anime is quite popular outside of Japan. but for those who are curious please read the manga.

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