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Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

 Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

(This young man is trapped in the game world, then becomes the strongest)

Hello Guys, Back Again with Me, here I will tell you about the Darwin game anime. This anime tells the story of a student named Soudo Kaname, He was dragged into a death game because he accidentally received an invitation from his friends. Originally because he was a novice who didn't even know his own strength, But after facing the Invincible Queen, He became the most powerful and invincible leader. It all started when one of the players was targeted by a novice hunter. Feeling not strong enough to fight him, He tried to invite one of his friends to ask for help, but He was unlucky because he had fled toward a dead end.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

In the end, the player was trapped and died from a deadly attack. meanwhile, Kaname gets a game invite from that person. then when Kaname tried to accept it, suddenly, He saw a snake coming out of his cellphone. His friend who already knew about it tried to stop him, but He was a little too late. because he had already been bitten by a snake, Kaname was hereby registered as a player in the game. Kaname will get special powers to fight against other players. because he felt unwell Kaname asked permission to go home early. then while on a trip he accidentally received a fight against a player hunting rookies.


shortly after the game started Kaname was immediately attacked by his opponent. at that time he could do nothing but escape. then when Kaname asked the police for help, he was actually killed by his opponent. Then his friend, Kyoda, came to help him. Kyoda fights novice hunters so that Kaname can escape, but dealing with it is not easy, He is hit by a fatal attack when his opponent uses the invisibility ability. When Kaname and Kyoda hide, Kaname tries to call an ambulance, but as long as the game continues he can't contact anyone except through the game application. At the same time, a girl named Shuka offered to help him, but Kaname didn't have time to reply because the novice hunter had already realized his location at that time. 


kyoda can't go with Kaname, he says he will hide until the game is over. In addition, because the enemy can track Kaname, it will be very dangerous if Kyoda goes with him. Kaname decides to go alone, he will finish the game and also seek help. Long story short thanks to his luck, Kaname was able to win the fight, but unfortunately, his best friend named Kyoda could not be saved. Kaname met Shuka in the warehouse, his first impression did not expect Shuuka to look beautiful as her avatar.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

putting that aside kaname asked Shuka to explain various things about this game. Shuka said he would tell him. Even then, Kaname can be trusted because Kaname carries a weapon. Shuka couldn't believe it, Therefore a fight between them was unavoidable. Kaname was waiting for Nakan flashlight to escape from shuka, but shuka had prevented it by locking all the doors in the warehouse. Kaname had no chance to escape, he could only run and hide around the warehouse. then when his life was threatened Kaname began to awaken his power. The seal he got allowed him to create anything that he could understand. with that ability Kaname can create various weapons and end the fight. After being defeated by Kaname Shuka believed that Kaname was an ordinary, ignorant student. Because Kaname is very strong Shuka decides to start a family with him. Kaname was a little disappointed because the family in question was a clan in the game, so he didn't mind accepting the offer. But before doing so he must level up first so that Kaname becomes the leader. 


Then when Kaname needed money, He was surprised that a few points from the game could be exchanged for large amounts of money, although there were so many Kaname was annoyed because the money was obtained from the death game. He thought that no matter how much money he got, his life was at stake. all players get information about events that will be held. Shuka asks Kaname out on a date while looking for information about the event. according to fellow players, Shuka is a great player. people called her the invincible Queen, and because of her fame, news of the rookie who had defeated her was immediately spread. As a result, there are several parties who want to fight Kaname.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

While Kaname was waiting for Shuka there was someone who challenged him to a duel, even though their fighting abilities were not balanced. But it seems that Kaname managed to corner him. He can threaten his opponent by creating weapons using Sigil. Kaname also benefits more when Shuka comes to his aid, with this Kaname can win three fights in a row. when the special event arrived, all the participants were forcibly removed, Kaname who was with shuka moved to a faraway place. according to the rules, each participant must collect several bracelets. then a player who does not have less than three bracelets will Die in the Game. 


Shortly after the event started there were already many casualties. they kill each other to seize the bracelet owned by the opponent. the management doesn't seem to have prepared enough Bracelets for all players, so this event becomes a very deadly survival game. Each diamond bracelet has a different type and value. they have to collect and solve the puzzles to be the winner. Kaname decided to continue to survive, he wasn't sad if he had to die because of the game. for that, he used his Sigil power to create weapons. while the first opponent he faced was a man wielding a machine gun. when ambushed Kaname decided to give up his bracelet, even though he lost his bracelet but his decision made him able to survive.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

then when Kaname enters the elevator, he meets a woman named Rein. because they were both trapped they chose to work together until they could get out of the event. Shuka gets first place, she becomes the best player who gets the most bracelets, and she can easily eradicate every enemy that gets in her way. from a distance a group of important people watched the game, it seemed they were looking for the strongest person who could use his power well. Meanwhile, the woman who was with Kaname said that she was an analyst. She has a lot of information about the enemy and already knows almost everything about Kaname.


cooperating with him would of course be profitable. The main enemy that must be defeated by Kaname and also Rein is the participant with Sigil controlling the plants. He is watching Kaname in a room while controlling people with his power, Therefore they destroy CCTV one by one so they can escape easily. after escaping from Kaname and Rein hiding in a room, but if this continues sooner or later the opponent will find out. therefore they immediately left the room. Then Rain uses a grenade to destroy the plants. Actually, Rain's Sigil is called Laplace, with that Sigil he can calculate things accurately, even the movement of bullets aimed at him can also be predicted easily. 


as a result, he was able to dodge every attack and put up a very good fight. While everyone was focused on fighting Rain, Kaname had already made it to the 1st floor, where he came face to face with a man controlling plants. Kaname attacks him with a grenade, but the explosion isn't strong enough to break his defenses. In addition to having a very strong defense, the user of the plant also has enormous strength. Kaname has used Sigil many times to create weapons, but none of them have yet managed to break through his defenses. Then when Kaname is defeated, He understands another way to use his powers. besides being able to create various weapons, he can also modify them to be much more powerful. With this, breaking through the opponent's defense can be easier.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 1

by sacrificing the age of the rifle and increasing the power of the bullets, it turned out to be very effective at defeating these people. although the main enemy has been defeated their situation is not safe, because the bracelets in the building are quiet a lot. then sooner or later there will be many enemies who are after him. therefore Rain made a pact to cooperate with the defeated opponent. Then after getting a new partner, suddenly Shuka asked Kaname for help. moments before shuka entered the underground area. when he was there he did not find a single opponent, but as soon as he stepped in, suddenly someone attacked him. It seems that the enemy has the ability to control the water and freeze it. By relying on these two abilities the enemy can trap Shuka and drown him. 


Kaname and his new partner search for Shuka based on her coordinates. then when they arrived at their destination, they met a girl who looked weak. Ryuji warns Kaname to always be vigilant even if the boy doesn't have a weapon. It's possible that she has a dangerous Sigil. then when they arrived at the station They saw the underground route was already submerged in water. without thinking, Kaname decided to dive right in. Ryuji said his actions were very dangerous, the water wasn't ordinary water but came from someone's Sigil. what's more, the chances of Shuka still being alive are very low. Ryuji's sigil is detecting lies, he can tell someone's lies just by looking at them.

When Kaname dived, Ryuji pointed his gun at the child who was with him. suspecting the child for daring to lie, but Ryuji lost the child. the boy fled by using the power of the girl's Sigil who had drowned Shuka, the child was named Shui. when hiding as if talking to yourself. looks like Shui has two personalities so his nature can change in no time. his waterbending ability was so troublesome, it nearly killed Ryuji. He was unable to move. Fortunately, the other personality in him had good qualities, so the attack could be stopped by himself. Well, the story ends here, the second part of Kaname will use a brilliant idea to overcome Wang.

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