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Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 2

 Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 2

Secon Part Begin with Kaname, who was still looking for Shuka, found a lump of ice in the water. After the ice was crushed, He used his cell phone to find Shuka's position. after shuka was found Kaname immediately confirmed his condition, even though he was weak he could still feel his pulse. Therefore he tried various ways to wake him up. until finally Shuka can be woken up with artificial respiration. When Kaname and Shuka manage to get out, Shui apologizes to them for doing something bad to him.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 2

Usually, Shuka would kill him right away, but this time She forgave him. Shuka was happy because Shui had brought her closer to Kaname. Kaname and his comrades will face off against a large clan called the Eight. Hiiragi decided to fight all the enemies that invaded his territory, for Hiiragi the opponent of the Fire Sigil was his natural enemy. although it can control plants freely, the power of the fire can destroy them quickly. in the end, Hiragi was defeated by them, then at the last moment, he used all his abilities to destroy the building and all its contents.


at the same time rain was caught by Wang. wang also broke his arm because Rain refused to give him any information. Kaname and the others immediately save Rain. then Kaname asks if they want to negotiate or kill each other. if you want to be invited to negotiate Kaname will provide information to win the game. Wang refused to negotiate, he wanted to resolve everything through violence. from the start of the battle, the opponent's strength could be said to be weak, but their leader named Wang was extremely difficult to overcome. every time it is attacked, Wang can teleport continuously and can cut any object.


Ryuji's goal in cooperating with Kaname is to avenge Wang, but his abilities are still not enough to achieve his goal. people think Kaname came to help Ryuji who was almost killed by Wang, but he seems to have come to surrender and negotiate with Wang. Kaname offers the key to unlock the real treasure. then instead Kaname wants his life to be spared. almost all the words uttered by Kaname were lies, but all of them were enough to make Wang feel curious. when Wang's vigilance weakens Kaname can use the opportunity to take the real treasure. With this, the Treasure Search event has been completed. Kaname became a newcomer who won the event. He earned the right to speak directly to the Game Master.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 2


Then when Kaname was contacted by the game master, He showed all his annoyance and anger. Kaname couldn't forgive them for causing his friend to die. He also blamed them for dragging him into the death game. when the Game Master asked for his wish, the only thing Kaname wanted was to quit the game, but the other side couldn't grant his wish. They say there are only two ways to stop playing, which are to survive to the end or kill all parties working behind the scenes. after saying that Game Master gave gifts to Kaname and his friends. Apart from gifts they also give special privileges to Kaname. two months later his friend Kaname who was seriously injured his condition was getting better.


in addition to healing naturally, there are also those who ask someone to help heal their wounds using Sigil. Meanwhile, Kaname, who has won the previous event, is dueling to form an alliance with a powerful clan. Kaname duels one-on-one against martial arts masters. in that fight, he has good reflexes and attack techniques, while his opponent is already very strong even though he hasn't used his sigil. the weapon used by Kaname is very effective against him, but the problem is that even though he has shown his strength, he has not made his opponent fight seriously. if this continues they will never know what the outcome will be. 


The battle between Kaname and Donjo is getting hotter. donjo from the start has been holding back now starting to show his abilities, He has recognized him as an equal alliance. therefore Donjo said to continue the fight. but suddenly a woman came to stop the fight, her name is Liu, She is the strongest player who ranks first in the game. His comes from a family of assassins that have survived for thousands of years. his family is involved with the Dark Side for a long time. Liu wants to make Kaname his subordinate, as an experienced assassin Liu better understands Kaname's talent, therefore he will not waste it. She really wanted to have Kaname even to the point of being willing to bear his child, but all that never happened because Kaname chose to continue to fight with his friends.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 2

Liu has not given up on his will. After losing the battle he decided to join Kaname Yang named Sunset Reaven. Wang couldn't accept his defeat against Kaname, especially since Kaname had toyed with him. Wang couldn't allow Kaname to live in peace, to lure Kaname to his base. he did various cruel things to his classmates. At the same time, Kaname and his friends prepare to fight Wang. Kaname felt reluctant to eradicate them, but the deeds they had done were unforgivable. Before Kaname arrived, the police had already ambushed his headquarters. 


but the cops who don't have the sigil are no match for them. so easily Wang and his subordinates were able to eradicate the police who had ambushed him. while Wang was busy confronting the police, Shuka gave her cell phone to Shinozuka. It seems that Kaname is planning to involve his friend in the game. they managed to infiltrate and incapacitate most of Wang's subordinates. When Kaname and Ryuji confronted Wang, Kaname ordered him to release Shinozuka. But it was too late before Kaname came. Wang had already killed his best friend. Seeing his friend die in a pathetic state made Kaname very angry and blamed everything on himself. but all that didn't last long. After Kaname calmed down, he looked very different from the previous Kaname. So far Kaname has followed the game without even killing anyone. although this game forces players to kill each other, they deliberately kill a lot of people just for fun, he feels annoyed that they have involved people who have nothing to do with the game.


therefore he has made up his mind to eradicate everything. Currently, Kaname doesn't think of them as humans. As a result, he was able to calmly kill the people in front of him one by one. Kaname ordered Shuka to clean up the money, while Kaname would eradicate all the trash that was still hanging around. even though it looks so relieved even Kaname can attack them perfectly. his movements are not fairly fast, he also does not use sigils carelessly. Kaname can use weapons accurately without being noticed by the enemy.

Plot Story Darwin’s Game Part 2

Everyone was already killed after Kaname and Ryuji finished off his subordinates. Then they help Shuka to finish off Wang. Shuka asked why Wang could be born in this world, and instead of listening to his words, Shuka chose to tell Kaname's kindness in front of him. It made wang provoke his emotions. then when wang was about to attack him, shuka had already cut off his left leg. Even though his leg was cut off, Wang still believed that he could beat Shuka. then when wang was about to attack in the back what happened instead his hand was cut off. Shuka taunts him saying that money cut his own hand. if this continues the money will lose everything.


Apart from being in pain, Wang looked confused, he didn't know what was going on. shuka says has prepared black iron all over the warehouse area. so She can easily stop Wang's movement. At the last moment, wang is able to use their abilities beyond his limits, but his efforts are in vain as Kaname is already waiting outside to finish him off. the killing of wang and his subordinates did not make Kaname happy. he felt that he had lost because he could not save his own friend. he decided to end this game and will kill anyone who gets in his way, that's the goal of Kaname to establish the Sunset Reaven Clan. That's all the story from this anime, if you have a more interesting anime recommendation, you can comment below.

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