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Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

(When your Group contains Silly Girls)

Well, back again with me, here we will discuss the anime that just came out. This anime is titled Futoku No Guild. The story begins by showing an adventurer who has odd hair. It is known that He is a reliable adventurer, the boy's name is Kikuru Madan. The reason he retired from adventurer was that he found one of his friends who was getting married this year.

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

To be honest, that's not the reason why Kiku wanted to retire early, but as far as he lived until he was 20 years old, Kiku just realized that he didn't have a relationship with anyone. What he did since childhood was nothing but training to strengthen his abilities, so that he could defeat the monsters he met until he was 18 and became a hunter. Then his sadness appeared. He felt that his teenage years were not so beautiful. He always compared other adventures who like to hunt women. In his eyes it made Kiku feel sick because what he had done so far was not like them.

Then the Guild Officer Explained to him, Not to get carried away by the feelings of All Adventurers. What's more, Kiku is still working here for two years, so there's a lot more he can do to change himself, if he leaves now then he probably won't get severance pay. Even so, Kiku said that he was okay because the money collected during these 2 years was quite a lot, it could even be said to be more than other adventures.

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

Then the officer advised to hold on for a little while because soon there will be beginners who start their adventures. The newbie is named Hitamuki, She is a cheerful and very cute girl. Since it was like this, Enome as a Guild Officer asked Kiku to help Hitamuki complete the Mission. Without thinking Kiku immediately agreed, the reason that Hitamuki could take his place, so that he could retire as soon as possible.

The journey into the forest began, in the middle of his journey, Kiku asked about a little personality from Hitamuki. Blackuki replied that he is still 18 years old, At this age, he feels proud to be able to join Kiku, because even though Kiku is only two years old in this adventure, many say that Kiku has helped many people. Shortly after that, Hitamuki heard a strange sound nearby, and it turned out that some slimes had appeared. This immediately took Kiku by surprise, because Hitamuki had very good hearing. But shortly after praising him, Kiku felt very stupid to let Hitamuki go face the slime alone. Stupid here, Hitamuki gave the wrong first before fighting. As a result, the wild Slime played the Body of Hitamuki. Blackuki felt the pleasure of his body being stroked Like that, but he also couldn't hit this slime because it was so soft.

Seeing the stupidity of his comrade made Kiku feel crazy because after all the slime is the weakest monster, how can Hitamuki lose against this damn monster. then Embarrassedly Kiku tried to get the Slime out of Hitamuki's clothes, though it was wrong at first Holding it finally bravely Kiku managed to save Hitamuki. Kiku explained a little to beat this slime quite easily, that is, he had to destroy the core of the slime, so it would be very fast to overcome this slime. It was here that it was revealed that Hitamuki did not have any weapons, he only used his body as a weapon, precisely the technique he learned was martial arts.

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

Moving on to the next monster in front, on the sidelines Hitamuki reproaches why Kiku remains cautious even though he is already a professional. Kiku explains that because of his care he can eradicate many monsters. On the other hand, Hitamuki never once fought in such a manner, he only fought one-on-one in the dojo. With Kiku's advice, Hitamuki will change his way of fighting in the future such as thinking about plans before depending on what is faced. It turned out that the next opponent to be met was a very large bear. Kiku asks Hitamuki for support, if his attack fails then he must be the one to distract.

However, Hitamuki didn't do what Kiku said, instead, She immediately asked Kiku to run away from this, while he would take care of this monster. As a result, Hitamuki was squeezed by the bear. Luckily Kiku managed to kill the monster after Hitamuki diverted his attention. 

After the mission ended, the two of them immediately returned to the place of adventure, even though the first mission had been completed, Hitamuki felt bad, because he did nothing and made it difficult for Kiku. From here Kiku thought to undo his intention to retire, because if he came out then this city would be destroyed if it had a beginner like Hitamuki. So Kiku Decided to share the experience gained to make his successors able to replace him Later.

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

Not long ago, the officer gave good news to Kiku, that there was a newbie who would join, girl named Maidena the White Witch. She has a small body and looks cute too. So with Maidena here, the officer told Kiku to keep an eye on her too. The initial meeting between Maidena and Kiku caused a lot of problems because Maidena thought that Kiku was a lustful person. Kiku who tried to explain it was hit by her. 

Next, We Are Given A Glimpse Of Kiku's Past. To be honest, when he was in school, he never played with his classmates, especially female students. Kiku is a very disciplined guard every day. Will during his life that runs continuously makes his attitude like this. But now he wants to change from his nature like this, the trick is to prepare his successor so that he can retire, and can attend college next year. Then Starting Today, Kiku will be the Party Leader of This Group. 

The next day they started the Mission To Go To Mebuki Forest. As Chairman, Kiku Explains What An Adventurer Can And Can't Do. Before fighting the monsters, Kiku asked Hitamuki not to be careless, the first thing they did was restore the dignity of Hitamuki by fighting the slimes. However, the result was the same as before, where Hitamuki was again rendered helpless by the slime holding him. Luckily Hitamuki already knew about it and avoided it, but unfortunately, She couldn't kill the slime, because he hurt his hand instead. Seeing her carelessness of Hitamuki made Kiku feel very angry, but he still tried to be patient so that Hitamuki could gain experience. But because it was beyond reason, Kiku immediately helped him.

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

After that Maidena immediately showed her strength, Namely she could heal wounds from Hitamuki in an instant. But in return, Hitamuki has to pay his dues next month, because if his magic is used continuously the hospital will collapse. But this time Maidena excluded her because he couldn't fight. Therefore in exchange Hitamuki and Kiku had to protect him no matter what.

Surprisingly from behind appeared a giant slime, commonly known as Dekaimu. Again and Again, Hitamuki asks everyone to calm down, because he will finish off this monster with his magic called Counter. The problem is that his magic has a lot of weaknesses, namely She can't move when using it. But in terms of strength, it is fairly strong, because it can ward off attacks from Dekaimu. But as a result, Maidena was thrown into the air, luckily Kiku managed to catch her. For some reason, because your Dekai couldn't attack Hitamuki, the slime just left.

Plot Story Futoku No Guild Episode 1

After completing the mission, the three of them immediately reported what happened before. It's good that Maidena is starting to understand the nature of Kiku's kind heart. Maidena also revealed that she is happy to be on a mission again, but she will return during the school holidays because now she is still in the 1st grade of senior high school. This means Maidena is still 15 years old. Surely hearing that fact made Kiku feel shocked? Why would the Officers allow Minors to enter the Guild? 

That's all for today's story, In the next story Kiku will face another problem from beginners who enter the group, who is that person, we'll just wait for the next episode.

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