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Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

 Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

(This young man is very lucky to be able to date 5 twin girls)

The anime opens with our main character being a loner but a Genius student. His name is Uesugi futaro. To save his finances, Futaro gave lunch for 200 yen, in the form of meatless rice. When they were about to eat Futaro's meal, he accidentally sat down with the first transfer student, Nakano Itsuki. Which is none other than the last of the five Nakano siblings. 

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

at first, their meeting took place without any conflict, but everything changed when Futaro said Itsuki was fat. Futaro gets a call from his sister, that he got a job to become a private tutor from the daughter of a wealthy businessman. the entrepreneur will pay five times the original salary, of course, Futaro has no reason to refuse. The figure in question is none other than the transfer student Itsuki. let alone approaching, Itsuki didn't even respond to futaro's greeting. 

Of course, this will be a very big problem. The next day Futaro wants to mend his relationship with Itsuki. However, Itsuki prefers to have lunch with his four siblings. The first brother named Nakano Ichika gave a soft greeting to Futaro, as did number 4 Nakano Yotsuba. Futaro has not given up, he is still determined to approach Itsuki, Futaro gets a sour greeting from number three named Nakano Miku. 

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

Futaro was so reckless that he was considered a stalker by number 2 named Nakano Nino. For now, Futaro has not realized, that they are quintuplets. When he managed to reach Izuki, then Futaro realized that they were twins. So don't be surprised if the father will pay 5 times for Futaro. When they arrived at Nakano's residence, none of them wanted to be invited to study, except for the Yotsuba. Yotsuba himself invited Futaro to call his brothers one by one, Itsuki did not want to be picked up by Futaro because his teacher was a classmate, and Miko had the same reason as Itsuki.

For Nino, there is no need to question it, because he is very indifferent. Ichika chose to lie in his room which looked very messy. But in the end, they were collected, Nino promised to study with Futaro, but Futaro had to eat his homemade cake which turned out to contain high doses of sleeping pills. Itsuki escorts the unconscious Futaro back home while telling Futaro to resign as their tutoring teacher. Futaro's younger sister, Uesugi Reiha, warmly welcomes her brother back. In addition, Reiha invited Itsuki to have dinner with his family. Reiha questioned the smoothness of their teaching and learning process. Futaro chose to lie so that Reiha wouldn't be sad.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

Bad economic conditions make Itsuki change his mind to keep Futaro as their tutor. a fact that came to mind when the Nakano twins said that they did not change schools because of their parents' jobs. But because they didn't go to class, Futaro had time to give mixed questions to the Nakano brothers. However, none of them scored above 50. 

Futaro also asked them a question right before they entered school. And of course, none of them wanted to answer, Futaro got a letter from Miku, and he immediately occupied it. Futaro thought that Miku would reveal his feelings, but it turns out that Miku just wants to answer the question that Futaro gave this morning. 

While her friends like handsome Korean idols, Miku prefers ambitious warlords. her love of the Sengoku empire makes Miku reluctant to hang out with other friends. Seeing that there is a big gap, Futaro attracts Miku's attention so she wants to study with him through the various quizzes they give each other. However, there was a question that Futaro himself didn't know the answer to. this makes Miku undo the intention to study history. Futaro even felt that he was belittled. He also borrows a pile of history books in the library, to beat the information Miku has.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

Futaro again challenges Miku with a quiz, but strangely they do the quiz while running around the school. Which in the end even made Miku hot. Because Futaro managed to answer all of his questions Miku changed his mind to continue studying with Futaro. And that is a good sign of the five Nakano brothers. But there was one person who hated Futaro's existence the most, none other than Nino. Even had time to make their study time scattered, leaving Miku the one who is willing to learn.

Instead of studying they both held a cooking contest. Make Futaro the judge. Visually, Nino's food is much better quality, but Futaro thinks that their food is equally delicious. impromptu contests they do make their study hours wasted. Which in the end made Futaro go home without doing anything. Futaro accidentally left an important object in the Nakano brothers' apartment, Futaro immediately returned to retrieve it with Miku's permission. Instead of meeting Miku Futaro, he met Nino who had taken a shower. Nino himself has very bad myopia. This puts them in an unexpected situation. 

Coincidentally there was also Itsuki, who swiftly captured the moment. Nono took advantage of this situation so Futaro was immediately dismissed as their tutor. However, Futaro gets a defense from Miku and Itsuki which makes him found not guilty. This even made Nino run away from home. But Futaro faced Nino gracefully. Behind his indifferent nature, Nino is a person who loves his brother. With a little encouragement, Futaro managed to get Nino back to normal. Itsuki gave Futaro's first salary earlier than the agreement had specified. Futaro refuses because he hasn't made any significant changes to the five Nakano siblings.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

While there was time to play around Ituski and Reiha went to a game center. of course together with Futaro acting as a bodyguard. After playing, they were reunited with the four Itsuki brothers. Which happens to be going to a fireworks festival. but before that Futaro required them all to do schoolwork. After that, they went to the festival. Nono rents a roof to be able to see the fireworks together, but due to a problem, Nono becomes separated from the others, leaving herself with Futaro. 

Futaro intends to look for the other four brothers, he also meets Ichika who seems to be with his uncle. Then the uncle asked what his relationship was with Ichika, Futaro was confused in answering and instead lost track of them. Shortly after, Futaro met Miku and gave her a little first aid, because Miku's leg had minor injuries. 

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 1

Besides that, Reiha had joined Futaro separately, but he was accompanied by Yotsuba, Miku said that fireworks were one of their fond memories of their late mother. then they meet and the two observatories question their opinion about the fireworks festival this time, but before that, both observatories question futaro's relationship with Miku. Futaro simply replied that they were acquaintances, which in the end made Miku sulk.

We've finished the story here first. If you are still curious about the story, you can wait for the next update. Thank you and sayonara.

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