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Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

 Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

(When This Middle-Aged Youth Becomes the Nanny of Twins 5)

Futaro returns to searching and manages to find Itsuki. Their meeting was temporary, because after that Futaro was dragged by Ichika into a small alley. Ichika also says that he has some work to do. instead of conveying a message, the figure of an uncle who had been with Ichika instead brought Miku, who was thought to be Ichika. Futaro swiftly managed to secure Miku.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

It turns out that Ichika wants to run an audition with their uncle, who is the management. Then they left the festival and rushed to work. The encouragement of Miku Futaro taught Ichika a lot to remind him once. Iccika himself also apologized because this was a big opportunity to get a role as the main character. This action Ichika did of his own accord, and Futaro also let go. 

The fireworks festival is over. at the same time Ichika has won the audition and got the main character role. Futaro couldn't help but gather the five brothers to hold a small fireworks party. Big fireworks are not a priority because the most important thing is that the five of them can see fireworks together, because Futaro was tired, he had time to sleep on Ichika's lap, who idly photographed Futaro while he was asleep. Futaro's daily life continued until the time was approaching for the mid-semester exam. The first person who still doesn't want to study with futaro is Itsuki, the second is Nino. Futaro accidentally creates a misunderstanding in front of Nino's friends. As a result, he also gets a slap from Nino.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

Futaro gets a call from the father of the Nakano brothers, who says that his five children got red marks. Futaro will be laid off from his job. Because of a trivial matter, Futaro and Itsuki had a really big fight. this makes their relationship more tenuous. The facts that Futaro has learned must not leak into Nino's ears, because Nino will make a move to stop Futaro.

As for Futaro himself, he needed extra time to teach the five Nakano brothers. Unexpectedly, Ichika allowed Futaro to stay at their residence. while studying together, while taking a bath Futaro accidentally straightens out his quarrel with Itsuki. While revealing the facts that Futaro got from their father.

while talking Futaro didn't realize that his interlocutor was not Itsuki, but Nino. this makes Futaro more trouble. After studying and doing assignments, Futaro sleeps in Miku's room. Meanwhile, Miku will sleep together with Ichika. Miku herself had woken up in the middle of the night, then she accidentally returned to her room which was now used by Futaro.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

The next morning Futaro was shocked, not kidding, plus Itsuki who seemed suspicious of Futaro's condition. Thanks to a theoretical reason, Futaro managed to distract himself, while taking the Yotsuba and Ichika to the library. Futaro still has the intention to make up with Itsuki, so he goes back and gives a little encouragement, so Itsuki gets excited even though he's still a little shy. 

The day came when they would face the midterm test. one by one, they managed to achieve the standard value according to the subjects they studied. But because they only passed one subject, Futaro was forced to be dismissed from his job. However, Nino firmly defended Futaro. Not even Nino, but the other four brothers also asked their father to keep Futaro. And finally, Futaro's dismissal was canceled.

Futaro's daily life continues, and he accidentally gets poisoned by Miku's croquettes. Yotsuba is kind and willing to treat Futaro. While holding some of his brothers from a very lame lie. So they stay at home to study, although in the end they still go out. the reason why Yotsuba sided with Futaro was based on the feelings he had. But that was a lie the Yotsuba made up. In the next few days, their school will hold a winter camp. Meanwhile, Futaro will participate in the night committee.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

One day Futaro accidentally left his student profile book in Nino's hands. felt the book was very important Futaro was desperate to take the book by force, by barging into Nino's room. At the end made Futaro found out, Nino accidentally opened the book and found a photo of the man he wanted. the man was none other than Futaro from childhood. But he even admitted that the man was a close relative.

Nino had time to return to show a childhood photo with his four siblings. felt that if Futaro didn't care, Nino took it instead to show it to the other sisters. And here is the photo, meanwhile Futaro's childhood photo is not alone, he is with one of the five Nakano siblings. despite missing him so much, Futaro still didn't realize that he was one of them.

When the camp reaches its peak, there is an event called the bonfire dance. If lovers join hands at the last moment, they will live happily ever after. The two people who are aware of the myth are Yotsuba and Miku. Due to a busy shutting schedule, Itsuki asks Miku to replace him in a class meeting agenda. What turns out to be a letter of expression from a student named Maida, Maida herself intends to express love, while inviting her to join hands at the peak of the camp event.

Plot Story Go toubun No hanayome Part 2

it just so happened that there was Futaro swiftly securing Miku, Miku who was disguised as Ichika even said that if he was already paired with Futaro. But it managed to make meida undo it. The day came when they were going to run the camp, Futaro was hindered because his younger sister fell ill. But that didn't last long, as Reiha quickly recovered, then gave her brother a Friday of salvation. However, Futaro was very desperate. As a result, at school, they had left early in the morning. Unexpectedly he wants to be picked up by the five Nakano brothers, who kindly give Futaro a ride. With that, Futaro finally joins the winter camp held by the school.

For the story, we stop here. First, considering the story is still long and full of fun. So if you are still curious about the storyline, you can wait for the second part.

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