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Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

 Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

(Young man woke up from sleep, then was in the body of a girl)

This story begins when a girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu has just woken up from her sleep after she dreams of meeting a boy she doesn't know. Mitsuha who was shocked immediately acted strangely, she was even more surprised when she looked at herself in the mirror. Dan found changes in his body until Mitsuha's strange behavior was also felt by Grandma and his sister.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

After that, he was active in school. Mitsuha herself is a high school student who lives in Itomori Village. a village away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. After his mother left his father left the temple and served as mayor. Even though she is the daughter of Mayor Itomori, she chooses to live as a shrine maiden with her grandmother and younger sister, Yostuha.

The next day news shows on TV reported that a doomsday comet that orbits once every 1200 years, will pass into the earth's sky in the next few days. Mitsuha, who had just finished breakfast, then went back to school. On the way Mitsuha was greeted by her two friends named Tessy and Sayaka, they then commented on her appearance today, looking more presentable with her hair braided and tied, different from the previous day. Where he looked disheveled, Mitsuha was confused by the meaning of his friend's words.

During class time, Mitsuha was surprised again after seeing the notes in her book. Plus when he responded to the teacher who called his name, it made the teacher happy because today Mitsuha had recalled his name. During recess, Mitsuha, who was curious about the strange events, then asked Sayaka and Tessy. Eh, what did I do yesterday, how come you guys are weird? They also said that the previous day Mitsuha's level was out of the ordinary, from the start she didn't remember her name even the seat where she was sitting and her location she forgot.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

After school Mitsuha who came home with Tessy and Sayaka expressed her boredom while in Itomori Village. And he wanted her to move to Tokyo after finishing school. Because living in the village is very boring, even for coffee, there is nothing here. 

At night Mitsuha and Yotsuha are preparing for a ritual at a Shinto shrine. his grandmother who looks annoyed tells the behavior of Mitsuha's father who left the status of a temple priest to choose to enter politics. Meanwhile elsewhere, Mitsuha's father does not attend the rituals that his children perform. And prefers to occupy himself with his success team in formulating a winning strategy for the next mayoral election. 

as the shrine line, mitsuha and Yotsuba then undergo a ritual called the kuchikamizake ritual. Where he had to spit out a lump of rice after being chewed to ferment it into a Shake. Mitsuha's friends who came to see the ritual she was doing were disgusted. And it made Mitsuha embarrassed after finishing the ritual. Then he shouted and asked that in his next life he would be made a city boy from Tokyo.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

Then somehow his wish was finally granted, in the morning when he woke up from his sleep he was already in a room which he did not know whose room it was. Mitsuha finally realized that she was in the body of a boy named Taki Tachibana. Feeling like a dream to be in the city of Tokyo, Mitsuha enjoyed her days in the body of a Tachibana. 

However, at school, Tachibana's friends feel something unusual about her tumbling behavior. But so excited and overjoyed when his friends invited him to the cafe. At the cafe mitsuha who played the role of Tachibana was very surprised to see the price of food at that place was so expensive. But because he thought this was a dream he ate it, suddenly a notification message came into Tachibana's cell phone. After opening and reading it Mitsuha panicked when she found out that Tachibana was late for work.

Then Mitsuha tried to ask the two Tachibana friends where he worked. While amazed, his friend told him where Tachibana worked. Tachibana himself has a side job as a waiter at an Italian restaurant. Which work is currently done by Mitsuha. Since this was Mitsuha's first time working as a waitress, she also received a lot of criticism for her mistakes. Finally, a customer gave a heavy complaint to Mitsuha because there was a toothpick in the pizza he ordered. Mitsuha was overwhelmed by the complaint, then a more senior waiter named Okudera came to help her. With his experience handling complaints, Okudera knows that it's just a trick used by customers to get a free meal.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

Then the customer accidentally tore off the skirt worn by Okudera. Mitsuha then helped her by sewing okudera's skirt and finally made okudera interested in the feminine nature of Tachibana, who was Mitsuha. 

In her room, Mitsuha accidentally finds a photo of Okudera while checking Tachibana's cell phone. Then he thought that the okudera at work was Tachibana's crush. Mitsuha then made a note of what happened that day, including the praise Okudera gave him. Mitsuha also wrote her name, namely Mitsuha, on the palm of her hand before she fell asleep. The next morning Tachibana was already in her consciousness. When he woke up from sleep he was surprised when he saw that there was a scribble of Mitsuha's name on the palm of his hand. Just like what happened to Mitsuha at the beginning of the film. Tachibana also found it strange when his friends at school thought he was suddenly abnormal yesterday, as well as Tachibana's co-workers who became jealous of his closeness with Okudera. Plus okudera winked at himself in front of them.

At the same time, Mitsuha who had returned to her original body also found a scribble on her hand. Who is he and the rest Mitsuha checks his notebook? And Tachibana opened the note on his cell phone. It was only then that they both realized in a panic that it was yesterday that the two of them had swapped bodies. Even though at first they thought that it was just a very real dream, the phenomenon of body swapping often happened and they experienced it.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

Finally, they both can accept it, but with a note, they must obey the rules that they make each. To avoid suspicious reactions and maintain the good name of the people around when not in their respective bodies.

Starting with mitsuha telling Tachibana to watch her skirt wide open while sitting down. as well as Tachibana who reminded him to stop spending money on snacks at cafes. And all of them are messages that they write to each other, but Tachibana feels it helps when mitsuha plays her role making it easier to build a relationship with okudera, to arrange a date with him. So does Tachibana, making Mitsuha the most popular student at school.

One day Tachibana who was in Mitsuha's body went to the top of the mountain with Yotsuha and his grandmother. Towards the place where the body of the Miami Dzuhur Temple God is. their purpose in coming is to present the shake that Mitsuha had made at the kuchikamizake ritual. Because the sake he makes is considered part of Mitsuha's self.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 1

After that, they went home and Sin switched to Tachibana who returned to his original body. Tachibana gets a message from Okudera on his cell phone, promising to go on a date, which Mitsuha usually arranges. While on a date okudera sees Tachibana who doesn't enjoy the date. It's like someone is thinking of Tachibana. Then okudera tried to ask. Who are you thinking about? Okudera left and it was certain the date failed.

After the date ended, Tachibana tried to contact Mitsuha via cell phone. but he can't connect with mitsuha. Meanwhile, Mitsuha was seen with her friends going to the festival to see the doomsday comet passing by. At first, they were amazed when they saw the light effect produced by the comet which was so beautiful. But suddenly the comet split and made Mitsuha shocked, Tachibana was still trying to contact him. That's all the first story, then we will see the excitement of the story of the two of them.

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