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Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

 Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

The story continues from them, who still haven't returned to their respective bodies. Because of worry finally decided to go look for Mitsuha's whereabouts in Itomori. He also invited his two friends, Fuji and Takagi, by saying that he would go to meet someone by train. But because Takagi couldn't come, Fuji finally invited Okudera. And of course, it makes Tachibana a little awkward.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

When he arrived at his destination, Tachibana was surprised to find that Itomori Village had been destroyed by the impact of the Apocalypse comet which killed a third of the Itomori population. So that the village now forms a large crater. And what surprised Tachibana, even more, was when she learned from Fuji that the disaster happened three years ago.

Fuji then tried to ask Tachibana Is this really where he would meet someone. Tachibana who thought he was not misinformed, then took out his cell phone to show the notes that Mitsuha often made. But when the note application was opened, suddenly one by one the notes that had been made by Mitsuha disappeared and didn't want to stop. Until then, Tachibana tried to find information about Itomori Village from the local library. He was surprised again when he read the records of the Itomori disaster three years ago. In the register he found the names of Tessy and Sayaka as well as Mitsuha Miyamizu. Tachibana couldn't believe that the Mitsuha who frequently swapped bodies with him was the Mitsuha who lived three years ago. 

And if it's real, that means it's not just her soul that enters Mitsuha's body. But he also moved with time, finally, Tachibana with Okudera and Fuji decided to stay at the Itomori Inn. when Okudera spoke to the Tachibana, Okudera noticed the bracelet that the Tachibana was wearing. And asked where he got the woven bracelet. then Tachibana says that the bracelet used was a gift from someone she doesn't remember.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

The next day Tachibana who was still curious, then went alone to Miyamizu Shrine to find the Sake he had brought. And he puts himself in Mitsuha's body. when he got there Tachibana found Sake which was considered part of Mitsuha's self, as the sake maker.

then Tachibana drank it while wishing that time would return. And somehow it works, because it magically finally fits into the timeline three years ago, exactly one day before the comet itomori disaster. He also woke up again in the morning in the body of Mitsuha, who is currently visible with the appearance of his short hair. The grandmother who began to be suspicious of Mitsuha's recent behavior finally realized that what was inside Mitsuha's body was not the soul of her grandson, but the soul of someone else.

Grandma later revealed that this kind of body swap has been going on in their family for generations. And once it ends then the memory of the body swap will disappear. Not wanting to waste the opportunity he got, Tachibana then plans to save Itomori and Mitsuha from disaster. He rushes to school to meet people who can believe his story, namely Mitsuha's close friends who are none other than Tessy and Sayaka. The three of them then arranged a plan to carry out evacuation steps by setting their school as the location of the evacuation point.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

After that Tachibana went to meet Mayor Itomori, who is also Mitsuha's father for help while trying to convince him to issue an emergency evacuation announcement to the residents of Itomori. Unfortunately, Mitsuha's father didn't want to do it and thought it was a ridiculous story. With feelings of despair, Tachibana then met Yotsuha in the middle of the road. And then told him to stay away from Itomori with Grandma. Yotusha wondered why he suddenly told him to leave. because in the previous days Mitsuha had said that he was the one who would go, which was none other than his goal to go to Tokyo.

And it's true that before cutting her hair this time, Mitsuha had time to go to Tokyo to meet Tachibana. because their timeline is three years different, finally when he met Tachibana on the train he didn't even know Mitsuha. because Tachibana herself will only know Mitsuha three years from now. Mitsuha finally went home after she gave Taki a hair tie, which Tachibana is currently using as a bracelet.

back to the story, Tachibana then remembered his original body in the temple, because it was certain that Mitsuha's soul was in it. Tachibana rushes toward the top of the mountain and hopes to meet Mitsuha. Meanwhile, Mitsuha, who was currently in Tachibana's body, then woke up and immediately headed for the top of the mountain. He was silent to see the village of his birth had now disappeared due to the impact of the meteor. Arrived at the top of the mountain where Mitsuha was currently. even though they are in the same place, Tachibana and Mitsuha don't see each other because they are blocked by different timelines.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

But they could still feel each other's presence. without being able to see. until at dusk the belief to meet is finally realized by the phenomenon that exists in this film, called kataware-Doki, or the merging of two dimensions just before sunset. With souls returning to their respective bodies, Mitsuha and Tachibana finally meet for the first time. Tachibana then tells that he is planning something with Sayaka and Tessy. After that, Tachibana gave Mitsuha's woven rope and asked her to write each other's names on the palms of their hands. when Mitsuha tried to write her name Tachibana, the kataware-Doki was finished. which made Mitsuha suddenly disappear before he could say goodbye.

Tachibana was still trying to remember Mitsuha's name that he hadn't had time to write down. then tried to write it himself on the palm of his hand, but the memory of Mitsuha was instantly erased from his head. Which made him unable to remember anything about Mitsuha. meanwhile, Mitsuha didn't vanish, as she just returned to her timeline. Mitsuha who remembers Tachibana's words immediately ran to Sayaka and Tessy to continue Tachibana's plan to save the city from the fragments of the Apocalypse comet.

The plan was immediately started. Tessy blew up an electrical substation and caused a power outage in the city. Meanwhile, Sayaka broadcasts an emergency warning to residents that a large fire will occur due to an explosion from an electric substation. He ordered the residents to evacuate to Itomori High School. Tessy then asks Mitsuha to convince her father to immediately issue a massive evacuation order to the residents of Itomori. Mitsuha immediately ran towards the city hall while remembering the name Tachibana had disappeared from her head. Mitsuha whose focus was divided made her fall then she realized the writing on her palm that Tachibana had made earlier.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

But what Tachibana wrote was not his name, play the words I like you. Mitsuha ran again and finally arrived at the city hall where her father was. He then convinced his father to immediately issue an evacuation order, but at the moment it is not known whether Mitsuha succeeded or not convinced his father. Comet Apocalypse has been seen crossing the earth's sky and breaking into a Meteor that landed right on Tomori causing the city to be destroyed in one hit.

Five years later, Tachibana, who has graduated from a university in Tokyo, is now looking for a job. But until now in his mind still vaguely flashed something that he can not remember. Even though he tried to remember it. And For some reason in the past five years, Tachibana has been interested in old news related to Itomori City. Where once aired a series of news related to the meteor that had fallen in Itomori. But somehow the residents of Itomori managed to survive the deadly incident, which you can certainly guess if it turned out that Mitsuha at that time managed to convince her father to issue a large-scale evacuation order. And finally saving a third of the Itomori population from the disaster, now Tachibana and Mitsuha are in the same timeline. They live their own lives without remembering each other, even though Tachibana and Mitsuha's memories of the events they shared have been completely lost. But when they wake up from sleep, they unconsciously still remember each other and feel that there is something they are looking for in each of them.

Plot Story Kimi No Nawa Part 2

Until one day Tachibana and Mitsuha were on a different train. coincidentally the train they were riding passed so that they could see each other through the carriage door. And somehow they spontaneously immediately felt that their feelings were connected. They rushed down from their respective trains and looked for each other until they finally met on a ladder without the slightest memory remaining. But instinct said he was the one, finally, they shyly asked each other's names. 

So, that was the storyline of the film Kimi no Nawa. To complete this happy ending, it also shows the life of Tachibana's friend who is now working. Sayaka and Tessy finally decided to get married. Yotsuha has also grown up and continued his education in Tokyo. While the last Okudera is only shown using the ring on his ring finger. Thank you to those of you who have watched this video, see you again in the next video Sayonara.

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