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Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

 Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

(trapped in the demon world, And made monster food)

Again, we will discuss one of the live-action films from Japan. The film that we will discuss is called The Promise Neverland. The story will center on an orphanage called Grace Field House. It turns out that the orphanage is not an ordinary orphanage, because the purpose of the formation of the orphanage is for human farms to be served to the demons.

Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

The film starts with an orphanage named Grace Fieldhouse. It is said that life in the orphanage is very happy. How can not all the residents who live really love the caretaker here, Mama Isabella. Remembering that Isabella had always taken care of them until they grew up. Interestingly here there is a rule from the orphanage, namely, when they are 16 years old, their birthday is right. The child will be adopted by someone. And now some people are almost that age. They are Ema, Rey, Norman, Gilda, and Don. 


Before we move on to the main story, we are shown an interesting thing, every day the children are told to study and work on questions. The clear goal is to educate them. And from some of the existing children, there are three very smart people, they are Ema, Norman, and Rey. It can be seen that in every test they always get the best score in all areas. In this daily life, Ema and the other residents play games with all of them every day. Even with Ema's motherly attitude, Isabela was very attracted to him. 


Once upon a time, there was a child to be adopted, the child was named Conny. His departure made everyone sad, but even though they were sad they were also relieved. Because of this Conny will be happy with his new family. After the farewell, Conny was brought by Isabela to the entrance of the orphanage.

Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

Meanwhile, Ema and Norman, who know that Conny's doll was left behind, try to catch up with him and give it to him. At first, they were hesitant, because all the children were not allowed to go to the gate. It's not clear why you can't go there. But because they both felt sorry, they finally ventured to give it. When they got there they saw something unexpected, namely that Conny had died with an arrow in the form of a rose stalk. Of course, seeing that, Ema didn't expect it and was very sad. 


But the sadness stopped when some voices were here. Because of that, Ema and Norman hid under the car. It turned out that it was not the voice of someone, but the figure of a demon who was guarding her. It made Ema and Norman wonder why the demons could be in this place. Surprisingly, Isabella was talking to the demons. In the conversation, an unexpected thing was revealed. It turned out that the original identity of this orphanage was a human farm. Where Isabella's job is to make smart seeds so that they can become the most superior food from the devil's dishes. Knowing this, Ema and Norman couldn't speak anymore, considering that they both couldn't accept reality.


Unexpectedly in such a critical condition, there is a demon figure who is aware of its existence, but before being caught they can escape first. unfortunately, even though Ema and Norman ran away, they left behind a doll from Conny. Of course, the Devils who knew about it asked Isabella to handle this. Of course, after this Isabela will find out who the hiding child is.

Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

At a different time, Ema and Norman who managed to escape from here returned to the orphanage. But even though they know this fact, Norman asks ema not to tell the others, because if this is discovered there will be chaos in this orphanage. But even so, they must also move, otherwise, Isabella will find out and send him to be eaten by the Devils.


The next day Ema and Norman are looking for a way out of there. That is, they crossed the limits set by the rules here. In fact, the end of this place is already on a high big wall. perhaps this was made to prevent the children from escaping. But even though this wall is very high, they believe they can climb it. Unfortunately, even though they were able to meet her, they didn't want to get out of there alone, considering that Ema didn't want any of her friends to be sacrificed for the demons. Because of that, they finally found a plan to find another way so that everyone could escape from there.


However, it turns out that other difficult things await them. Namely, Isabella had found out who yesterday went to the gate. So how can Isabella know, because she has a tool to detect all the children here. This means there is a chip that is embedded in the children's bodies, it turns out that the chip is embedded in one side of their ear. Knowing that makes Ema and Norman difficult. For that for this escape to be successful, They must make a lot of plans to deal with unexpected situations. On Isabela's side, who already knew about this, was acting normal. Make excuses so that other children do not know the truth. Even Isabella had warned Ema that no matter how far she ran away she could catch her.

Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

The next day, Rey is starting to get suspicious of ema's movements and Noman asks why. Norman who could not lie anymore finally gave the reality of what he saw. Of course, it took Rey by surprise, but in a short time, Rey was able to adapt and follow the plan to escape from there. seeing that Ema and Norman were very happy. But when Ema intends to invite everyone, Rey begins to hesitate. Given that if everyone joins then this escape will be difficult. Because many small children can not run that strong. But finally, Rey followed them when Ema had made such a strong determination.


After that, they found out more about this orphanage and Isabella's mother. In the search, they also get a message from the outside world. Where the message is tucked away from the books in this place. It is said to have come from someone named Minerva. Seeing this they concluded that someone was trying to save them. On this, the three of them began to believe. Moreover, here Rey also has a way to turn off this tracking device.


But unfortunately in the morning, Isabella started to move, Namely, she brought in one more nanny, She was named Kurone. Of course, this makes it even more difficult for them. But it turns out that Isabella doesn't want to catch them. Instead, she asks Kurone to watch over her, because Isabella wants to control Ema.


While on the side of getting a plan that is impossible to know. namely, He will give training to the children so that they can be strong and can escape from here. The method that will be used is to play hide and seek. On that occasion, Ema asked Rei and Norman to teach them how to strategize and hide so they wouldn't be caught.

Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

Soon they began to practice it. Of course, it did not go according to plan, because Kurone was faster. Because he can catch all the children except Rei and Norman. Since that happened, Norman is thinking more about how to deal with the krone. The bad thing is that Norman realizes that there is a traitor from the children. The reason is that since this chase happened, Isabella and Kurone are not watching anymore. Of course to know the traitor Norman will talk about these two other people, namely Gilda Dan don. But he didn't divulge this for nothing. That is, he set a trap as to who the traitor was, the guild or the Don.


And according to Norman's plan, He can find out, But they don't suspect Gilda and Don but he suspects Rei. The reason is he took the trap. Rei who was caught finally admitted it. That he is Isabella's spy. he used to be able to work with mama if he made a deal. Namely, Rei will not divulge the fact of the orphanage when Isabella gives things from the outside world that she wants. but it turns out that Rey is not a real spy, he is the one who has planned this escape from the start.

Plot Story The Promise Neverland Part 1

It turned out that since childhood Rei had planned this escape very neatly. But now he did not expect that this plan would almost come true. But the plan was different when ema invited the others as well. So with this, the plan to get out of here is getting more and more difficult. After all that became clear, Rei informed me that he had created a device to turn off this detection.


It's a shame that even though the plan was well laid out, Kurone knew about it. But strangely he didn't tell Isabela. To come here is to replace the position of Isabella. why did she do all this? She was fed up with this life and chose to give up and become the best mom in this orphanage. Knowing this everyone was surprised, but by cooperating with Kurone it will be easier to learn the Enemy. Well that's it for the first part. Next, you can wait for the next article.

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